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Where are the doctors?


We have a guest post today from Dr. Nick Wagle.  He is an oncologist and member of the DFA board.  Thanks Nick!  A great reminder that physicians need to get VISIBLE!!


The debate on healthcare is becoming louder and more heated.  But amazingly, while all these people are out there arguing, the physicians who see the system every single day are not being heard.

And it's not because we're silent. In spite of the recent "Where are the doctors?" calls that we've been hearing, the fact is that there

are thousands and thousands and thousands of doctors who support health reform.  Our organization, Doctors for America, is made up of

more than 14,000 physicians from all 50 states who are working to support health reform.  Over 1500 of us have posted what we think

about health reform at Voices of Physicians (   And there are numerous other physician organizations who support health reform as well.  In fact, a coalition of organizations representing more than 450,000 physicians -- a MAJORITY of the physicians in this country -- has formed to voice our support for the President Obama's vision of health reform.

But, in spite of this and other efforts, physician's voices have been largely missing from the debate.

Over the next several weeks, we are going to attempt to remedy this. We will be posting more comments from out members on Voices of

Physicians, including their stories about why our system is broken. Our members will be calling members of congress, attending town hall

meetings, and writing to the media.  We will be making videos of individual doctors -- who take care of patients every day -- explain

why we are fighting for reform, and who we are fighting for.

The voices of physicians are out there.  And we need help from the public and the media to make sure our voices are heard.  We need to

work together to get out the message that doctors know the system is broken -- and that doctors support health


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