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First—thank you for your enthusiasm to get vaccinated! You are part of the solution!

The CDC and the American Committee on Immunization Practices and Protocols have made recommendations for which groups of people should get vaccinated in what order, based on who is at risk of spreading COVID-19 and who is at risk of dying from the disease. 

However, every state has independent control to make their own state-specific prioritization protocols as well. So there will be variations by state.  

As more vaccine becomes available, more and more people on these lists, including the general population, will be able to get vaccinated.  And President Biden has indicated a goal of every adult being able to get vaccinated starting May 1st.

Until then, please wait until your turn.  It can be hard—many are reporting “vaccination envy.”  Please remember: the more people who get vaccinated, the better it is for EVERYONE.

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No, but there’s a good reason. Vaccinating those at highest risk protects ALL of us by reducing the number of cases among those most likely to be infected. This means as soon as you are eligible, you can get vaccinated — but not before.

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That’s an excellent question. It does not seem likely that you will be forced to get one type of COVID vaccine versus another. However, there may be availability issues for a certain type of vaccine in a certain area.

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The Biden Administration has indicated that in May they will be unveiling a nationwide website for every adult to find a vaccine near them.  Until then, please check your state’s health department for details on what groups are being vaccinated and how to sign up.

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This is a really great question. You should contact the vaccine study directly.

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