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Doctors for America Making Headlines Across the Country


Doctors for America Making Headlines Across the Country

Doctors for America had an exciting week in the news. From a press conference on Capitol Hill with Speaker Harry Reid and Leader Nancy Pelosi to webinars and community outreach events across the country, Doctors are leading the charge to help Americans get covered under the new Marketplaces. 

  • 10 ACA webinars on 10/1 = 1,000 health care providers and supporters trained.
  • 30 outreach events in communities across the country
  • 500th donation to the Race for Coverage.

WATCHDr. Alice Chen to leaders on the Hill: Coverage is Good Medicine. And Dr. Danica Clark talks about her health care struggles, says “I am the face of the ACA.”


VIDEODr. Chris Lillis visited MSNBC to chat with Melissa Harris-Perry on Sunday about the misinformation campaign underway by opponents of the ACA.

VIDEODr. Chen took the opportunity to do some truth telling with the host of Varney & Co on Fox Business the day before the Marketplaces opened.



AP: Final Push to Educate Floridians about Health Law “Doctors are also using their platform to educate patients. Dr. Mona Mangat, a St. Petersburg immunologist, helped mobilize more than 500 Florida doctors and medical students under Doctors for America. ‘Everyone's gotten of tired of the politics of it and they just want to understand it. When you sit down and talk about it in a non-threatening, non-political fashion...patients are hungry for the information.’”

AP: ACA Gets Off to Bumpy Start in Florida “About 1 million Floridians fall into the group which can’t get health insurance because the state rejected Medicaid Expansion…‘Federal funding for Medicaid expansion gives us a unique opportunity to transform a poorly funded, poorly functioning program into one that provides high quality health care for Florida’s low income workers,’ saidDr. Lawrence Floriani, Deputy Director of Doctors for America. ‘It will likely take months to determine whether the new healthcare law will be a success. Coverage doesn’t start until January and the enrollment period doesn’t end until March.’”

AND don’t miss Dr. Mangat’s Skype interview in SunNews: Politics taking over common sense


Dayton Daily News: Insurers Compete for New Health Care Exchanges in Ohio “But fewer choices is better than no choice for the throngs of uninsured who have never had health insurance before and are now guaranteed coverage, said Dr. Donald Nguyen, a Dayton-area pediatrician and state director for Doctors for America — a national organization of physicians and medical students who support health care reform. ‘It’s not like people are going to be standing in line and can’t get in to see a doctor,’ Nguyen said. ‘New patients seeking coverage through the marketplaces won’t be coming online fast enough to overwhelm the system. And just because they have insurance doesn’t meant they’ll use it right away. They just won’t hesitate to use it once they get sick.’”

Dayton Daily News: Health Care Industry Braces for New Law’s Impact “Still, the health care law will open a variety of opportunities throughout the health care system, in many cases staring with primary care doctors, said Dr. Donald Nguyen, a Dayton-area pediatrician and state director for Doctors for America — a national group of doctors and medical students that support health care reform. ‘As doctors, we’re preparing for increased demand, but it’s not like it’s going to happen all at once,’ Nguyen said. ‘Everybody who gets insurance isn’t going to make an appoint to see a doctor on the same day. But people who have insurance will no longer be reluctant to go see a doctor, and that’s where you will see steady and growing demand for our services.’”

WDAO 1210 AM Radio: Saturday morning 11 am on the radio show ‘Healthy Living’ Jessica Stephens from Doctors for America on ACA and Enrollment, show hosted by Dr. Morris Brown (Ohio State Director, DFA).

FOX 45 News Dayton: Website Glitches Continue on Day 3 of Healthcare.gov “‘October 1st and 1 million hits. All these people are looking to get help. This is so momentous,’ Dr. Nguyen said.”


OETA: VIDEO: Obamacare and Insure Oklahoma “Oklahomans who don't have access to affordable health insurance under an employer or government-sponsored plan can begin purchasing coverage through the new health insurance marketplace on October 1st. The enrollment period runs through the end of March, 2014. There's been a lot of confusion about the new system, so today we're going to try to bring some clarity to Obamacare and Insure Oklahoma with Nico Gomez, Chief Executive of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority; Andrew Rice, former state senator and Executive Director of the Variety Care Foundation; Matt Ball of Americans for Prosperity; and, Dr. Katherine Scheirman, State Director of Doctors for America and retired colonel in the U.S. Air Force.”

City Sentinel: Good Medicine Poetry Event Sparks Interest in Obamacare Katherine Scheirman, M.D., Doctors for America Oklahoma State Director and event co-sponsor said, ‘I want to make sure that everyone knows that starting Oct. 1, many people in Oklahoma are going to be eligible for private health insurance through the healthcare marketplace.’ Scheirman says Oklahomans will be able to compare and select from private health insurance plans online by visiting healthcare.gov or by calling 1-800-318-2596.”

Durant Democrat: Cookies, Conversation, and Concerns’ Highlights Women’s Role Government “Dr. Katherine Scheirman, Director, Doctors for America, Oklahoma Office… framed her comments with a brief explanation of why she joined the Air Force. After receiving her medical degree, she first went into private practice, but found the healthcare system so ‘messed up’ by a hodge-podge of rules and regulations from insurance companies, government programs, and hospitals that often she had difficulty doing her job. Frustrated, she joined the Air Force and was able to give her patients what they needed… Now, back in private practice and serving as Director of the Oklahoma office of ‘Doctors for America,’ she is a strong supporter of Obamacare as ‘the fix.’ She also observed that Governor Mary Fallin’s opting out of the Federal expansion of Medicaid will be ‘devastating’ to rural areas because the rural healthcare system is disproportionately dependent on Medicaid.”


WESA Radio: Addressing Your Questions On the Affordable Care Act “As Pennsylvania Director of Doctors for America, Dr. Christopher Hughes has fielded many patient questions about the affordable care act and the health exchange. He says ‘In general, just like the health insurance you have now, there are going to be restrictions. And often times the less expensive your policy is, the less choice you’re going to have in doctors and hospitals.’ For those who currently have health policies that don’t include the preventive services required by the affordable care act, a new plan will have to be acquired. Hughes says theoretically, everyone should be covered by some level of insurance. But people have fallen through the cracks because they didn’t know they qualified for Medicaid until they got to a hospital or doctor for an emergency.”


Utah Statesman: Enrollment for Affordable Care Act Opens “‘Obamacare’ is a heavily-loaded phrase many health care myths are attached to. Some common pieces of misinformation about the act is that the medical community is against it, young adults will be driven to bankruptcy and it’s a government takeover of health care, according to Dr. Scott Poppen, the Utah State director for Doctors for America. ‘I think that there’s a huge amount of confusion among the population in general, probably even more so for the younger population about what this all involves,’ Poppen said. ‘Even physicians are confused about it.’”


San Antonio Express News: Residents Hopeful, Leery on Health Law “For Dr. Robert Luedecke, a San Antonio anesthesiologist, the marketplace is a relief. Luedecke, 56, relies on health insurance through his wife’s workplace. He has struggled with serious neck problems for years that prompted surgeons to remove a disintegrated disc from his spine in 2005. When his wife considered retiring from her banking job three years ago, the couple learned their health insurance costs would soar to $2,000 a month if she stopped working, Luedecke said. ‘I was totally shocked at that time, but I understand — I’m expensive, ‘ said Luedecke, who still has muscle spasms and neurological symptoms. He said his medications would exceed $1,200 a month if he were uninsured. ‘It is a very helpless feeling to know that even though I have worked very hard and I am a doctor, because I have a pre-existing condition, I am totally dependent on my wife’s job to be able to get health insurance, ‘ Luedecke said in an email. ‘It’s a wonderful feeling to know that because of health insurance reform, I will no longer have to worry.’”

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