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Gun violence is an important public health problem that is not being adequately addressed. It is multifaceted - from suicide, to mass shootings, to urban interpersonal violence, to domestic violence, to risks to children, "gun violence" is a series of tragic and chronic public health epidemics united by the fact that doctors bear witness to them all. The solution must be a comprehensive, public health-driven approach: increasing public awareness, promoting research on evidence-based solutions, building momentum for implementation of those solutions, and developing new technologies to increase safety.  As physicians, gun violence prevention is OUR job and is squarely in OUR lane. It is our responsibility to lead on this public health issue.

The Role of DFA Physicians - What We Stand For

Doctors for America physicians and medical trainees are on the front lines bearing witness to the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. We treat the immediate injuries caused by bullets and provide care for long term effects on victims, families and communities.

We know that gun violence is a multifaceted public health crisis. We also know that gun safety is clearly "our lane" - physicians, medical students, and other health professionals should be leading the discussion about gun violence as a public health crisis and presenting data and patient stories to inform discussions on solutions. We will work tirelessly until gun violence is a thing of the past.

Doctors for America has led the effort to restore funding for research on gun violence, critical to designing effective strategies for treatment and prevention. We support universal background checks and screening for safe storage of guns -- particularly in homes with children. We support evidence-based policies limiting gun possession by high-risk individuals.  We advocate the development of technologies that make guns safer for gun owners, their families and communities. We are committed to increase the public’s awareness of gun violence and the actions people can take to reduce risk to themselves and their families.  We support increased attention and support for secondary victims of gun violence.

What are DFA's current activities?

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Gun Violence Research: the fight for funding and recent studies

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Current legislation and initiatives we are watching

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Resources for Doctors and other Health Professionals

Suicide and Gun Violence

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    • Safer Homes Task Force

Evidenced-Based Solutions & Novel Proposals
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  • National Bureau of Firearm Safety

Building Awareness through Campaigns and Media - Social Media, Current Campaigns, Recent Op-Eds and Articles of Interest

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