Young Adults

Quick Facts

The Affordable Care Act includes provisions to help all young adults (ages 19-29) obtain affordable, accessible, quality health insurance.  Here's why:

  • This age group is most likely to be uninsured among all demographics, as 15 million (34% of the age group) lack insurance.
  • During the last ten years, the number of young adults without health insurance grew by 4 million.
  • The ACA's various provisions targeted at young adults will help over 13 million of them to obtain health insurance.

Young adults, defined as those between the ages of 19 and 29, are a key demographic in the healthcare reform.

Why is it important for young adults to have health insurance?

Why don't young adults have health insurance?

What does the Affordable Care Act do for YOU?


Reform for Young Adults Explained:

Medicaid Expansion                          
Online Exchanges and Subsidies      
Insurance Reform                                         


Watch the presentation below to see how healthcare reform helps young adults:


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