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The Doctor is In: Blog Revamped, Raising Debate.


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August 5, 2009           

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The Doctor is In: Blog Revamped, Raising Debate

‘Doctors for America’ blog weighs in on policy, controversy

WASHINGTON, DC—Despite the organized protests in rallies and town hall meetings trying to stifle pro-reform messages, doctors continue to find ways to speak out for reform.  Doctors for America has revamped the Doctors for America blog to speak out against the misconceptions and falsehoods surrounding the health care policy debate, and is primarily penned by Dr. Mandy Krauthamer. 

 “In the wake of shouting heard in local events across the country, Doctors for America continues to try to elevate the level of conversation back to real solutions for my patients who I see suffering because of our nation’s broken health care system.  As a physician, I am working with the thousands of doctors who want reform to try and get the facts straight about proposals on the table,” said Dr. Mandy Krauthamer of Doctors for America.

 Doctors for America is a grassroots group of over 14,000 physicians with a presence in all fifty states committed to passing meaningful health reform legislation.  The group works to convey the ideas and experiences of physicians in order to achieve reform that provides high quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. 

 To access the Doctors for America blog, go to:

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