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Ask A Doctor about Health Care Reform


Doctors for America’s new online tool tackles myths and misconceptions around reform

WASHINGTON, DC—This week, Doctors for America launched a new online tool – where anyone, anywhere in the nation, can ask a doctor about health care reform.  Located at, the new web tool sends questions asked online about health care reform to real doctors who will answer your questions quickly and accurately.

“There are so many questions our patients want answered about health reform. This tool is a reliable, accurate way for them to get those answers directly from physicians,” said Dr. Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, Executive Director of Doctors for America.  “The fact is people want to know what health care reform means for them.  As doctors, part of our job is to give our patients the best information possible to make good decisions about their health, this site harnesses that core element of our profession.”

Doctors for America is a grassroots group of over 16,000 physicians with a presence in all fifty states committed to passing meaningful health reform legislation.  The group works to convey the ideas and experiences of physicians in order to achieve reform that provides high quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. 

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