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Health Reform Needs More than Soundbytes and Scare Tactics


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June 25, 2009
Contact:  Megan Smith, 202.481.8219
Health Reform Needs More than Soundbytes and Scare Tactics
Doctors for America denounces misleading, false ad campaign
WASHINGTON, DC—Doctors for America today denounced the false and misleading ads released in 11
states by the Conservatives for Patients Rights that claim the health reform proposals currently being
considered by Congress will put a bureaucrat between you and your doctor.  
“Misleading ads like the one we saw today are unfortunate attempts to scare the American people.  These
scare tactics have worked to defeat health reform in the past, and they have allowed our healthcare crisis
to get worse and worse.  But we cannot and must not let these tactics delay health reform this time,” said
Dr. Vivek Murthy, President of Doctors for America.
“As physicians, we witness the terrible consequences of the health care crisis everyday.  We see millions
of hard working Americans struggling to pay their premiums and worrying that a single hospitalization
may force them into foreclosure or bankruptcy.  As a physician, this is why I want to see health reform for
my patients and for our country,” added Dr. Murthy.
“The goal of health reform is to create more choices for more people across the country.  The prescription
for better health care is action, so that doctors can focus on patients, not paperwork.  Doctors for America
stands behind the bold members of Congress who are willing to engage in thoughtful discussion and
consider all ideas for making our health care system healthier,” said Dr. Alice Chen, Executive Director
of Doctors for America.
Doctors for America is a grassroots group of over 13,000 physicians with a presence in all fifty states
committed to amplifying the voices of its members in support of health reform. The group works to
convey the challenges physicians face and advocates for affordable coverage, expanded access to care,
improved quality of care and a system that puts patient care first.
For more information about Doctors for America, please go to our Web site at:

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