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Physicians Weigh In For Reform; Letter to the President Reaffirms Doctors Want Reform


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September 10, 2009           

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Physicians Weigh In For Reform

Letter to the President Reaffirms Doctors Want Reform

WASHINGTON, DC—Thirteen physician groups today signed on to a letter to President Obama as a unified voice in support of health reform.  The groups collectively represent nearly a half million doctors nationwide urging the President to continue efforts to improve our nation’s health care system. 

“The President’s speech last night was clear – the time for Congress to take action on health reform is now.  As a physician, I am working with the hundreds of thousands of doctors who know this reform will help us take care of our patients,” said Dr. Mandy Krauthamer of Doctors for America.

The American Medical Student Association, the American Osteopathic Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, CIR/Doctors Council/National Doctors Alliance/SEIU, the National Hispanic Medical Association, the National Medical Association, the National Physicians Alliance and the Society of General Internal Medicine joined Doctors for America on today’s letter.

Doctors for America is a grassroots group of over 14,000 physicians with a presence in all fifty states committed to passing meaningful health reform legislation.  The group works to convey the ideas and experiences of physicians in order to achieve reform that provides high quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. 

Full text of the letter below:


Dear Mr. President:

Hundreds of thousands of doctors all across America – represented by the many groups who have signed this letter as a unified voice in support of health reform – stand in continued support of your work to address our ailing health care system.  We, the physicians and future physicians of America, are confident the proposed reforms will allow us to provide better care to our patients while preserving patient choice of health care plan and doctor.

We appreciate your leadership in outlining a plan to enact patient-centered reforms that ensure affordable choices and stable health insurance coverage.  We urge you and leaders in Congress to move swiftly to enact these necessary improvements. Strong and effective health care reform passed in 2009 will mean we can begin to fix our broken health care system.  Our patients, adults and children alike, cannot wait any longer for reform. 

We are committed to working with you and members of Congress to take advantage of this historic opportunity to enact meaningful health care reform this year.  We thank you for your continued leadership on this critical issue and urge you to move quickly to improve our nation’s health care system. 





American Medical Student Association                                                American Osteopathic Association

American Academy of Pediatrics                                                            American Academy of Family Physicians

CIR/Doctors Council/National Doctors Alliance/SEIU                         Doctors for America

National Hispanic Medical Association                                                 National Medical Association

National Physicians Alliance                                                                        Society of General Internal Medicine 




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