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DFA Update: Getting America Covered: 11/15


The DFA family has some exciting news to share: Our president and co-founder Dr. Vivek Murthy has been nominated by President Obama to serve as Surgeon General! 

Our Press Statement: "Dr. Murthy has been a tremendous advocate for improving the lives and health of Americans. He has been a tireless leader in bringing together 16,000 doctors and medical students from all 50 states for the common cause of improving the health of the nation. He has two decades of experience as a champion in improving health, building coalitions, and bringing diverse people together to bring better health to communities. Dr. Murthy will be an extraordinary leader for the nation and for improving the health of all Americans as Surgeon General."

Vivek's nomination is an incredible moment for each of us in the Doctors for America movement. It is in part a reflection of your dedication and commitment to helping America achieve better health and access to affordable, high-quality health care for everyone. From the beginning, this movement has been about each one of us working on behalf of our patients and communities - and about the power of our collective voices.

Read on to see some of what doctors and medical students are doing around the country:


Nine DFA doctors participated in the OFA Health Care Summit last week. Doctors Alice Chen, Vivek Murthy (MA), Mona Mangat (FL), Chris Lillis (VA), Carolyn Senger (CA), Robert Luedecke (TX), Ram Krishnamoorthi (IL), Matthew Noordsij-Jones (OH), Anna Tran (TX) shared their experiences getting people covered with other advocates.


Dr. Carolyn Senger is featured in this Kaiser Health News article about Doctors role in ACA implementation: Doctors treat new condition: questions about health law.

Carolyn Senger, a preventive medicine doctor, regularly treats uninsured patients, coaching them how to stay healthy. Now she is teaching them one more thing -- how to sign up for insurance under the nation’s Affordable Care Act. ‘Not only can I help you with your health, but I can also help you get some coverage,’ Senger says to her patients.”


Dr. Mona Mangat urged Florida leaders to expand Medicaid at  a town hall meeting as highlighted in this week’s Tampa Tribune.

“‘Nearly 40 percent of St. Petersburg allergy specialist Mona Mangat's patients already get Medicaid, a highly subsidized health insurance. There's no such option for her uninsured patients, she said, including a 40-year-old college-educated IT consultant who treats his chronic asthma only when he can pay for medications.’ When he can't afford his medicine, the man ends up in the hospital for several days, racking up bills that sometimes amount to $20,000, Mangat said.”

Also, Dr. Mangat participated in a press call with State Rep Mia Jones (D-Jacksonville) to talk about enrollment numbers.

The Tampa Tribune highlighted Dr. Lawrence Floriani’s upcoming ACA education seminar.

Dr. Lawrence Floriani, Florida deputy director with Doctors for America, will explain why health care coverage is good medicine. He and approximately 16,000 other U.S. doctors and medical students in the Doctors for America movement educate the public about the need for access to affordable, high-quality health care for everyone.”


Dr. Wayne Hoffman participated in a town hall meeting in Atlanta with State Representative Stacey Abrams.


Medical student Matthew Molloy has given several presentations to students at Johns Hopkins about the ACA and the exchanges. He even created a prezi for on the presentations that is searchable online!


Dr. Tina Wu gave an ACA presentation for the PAVERS program, a research methodology volunteer program in which participants learn about clinical research and medicine through emergency department observation, assistance with research, and a series of lectures.


Dr. Mo Brown educates Ohioans on ACA enrollment at Omega Baptist Church.

Dr. Arthur Lavin attended the President’s speech in Cleveland this week and then spoke with local Fox News about  the importance of getting covered.  

Drs. Matthew Noordsij-Jones and  Don Nguyen attended two ACA education events, one in Trotwood and one in Franklin, and took questions from the crowd on enrollment.

And, when Dr. Nguyen isn’t education folks on the ACA, he’s debunking Speaker  Boehner’s misinformation campaign in the Journal -News.

“But proponents of the health care law say that’s one falsehood that has already been debunked, said Dr. Donald Nguyen… ‘Premiums have been rising at a steep slope even before 2010 and before Obamacare passed,’ Nguyen said. ‘Premiums have been rising because insurance companies wanted to make more money from their subscribers.’ Nguyen said the law will help small businesses by providing access to the health insurance marketplace.”


Dr. Evan Saulino tells the Portland Business Journal : give credit where it's due for drop in ER visits.

Dr. Evan Saulino, president of the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians, has this diagnosis: The improvements stem not from the CCOs, but from the innovative type of care being delivered at 450 Oregon clinics designated as Patient Centered Primary Care Homes. ‘We believe this style of care is the exciting innovation that is driving improved statistics for Oregon’s health care system,’ Saulino said in an email.  ‘Over the past three years, nearly half of our primary care clinics have gone to great lengths to reorganize themselves to center around the patient and promote wellness, instead of just supporting patients when they are ill.’”


Dr. Chris Lillis joined Politics Done Right radio to talk about the confusion and misinformation campaign underway.

Dr. Lillis also spoke for his asthma patients at EPA hearing on carbon emissions.

AND Dr. Lillis talked with CBS News about the importance of better consumer education around the new health law.

“‘The political horse race has tainted the explanation of the ACA and left people with rumor and misinformation rather than a pragmatic understanding of the consumer protections baked into the ACA and the needed improvements to our broken health care system,’ he observed. ‘’The American people simply need better education about what’s in the law.’”

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