Immigrant Health Justice

Immigrant Health Justice Work Group Goals:

  1. Bringing a national, interdisciplinary physician voice to support grassroots-led campaigns for immigrant health justice across the U.S. and
  2. Organizing and mobilizing a critical mass of physicians to support immigrants in our communities through advocacy and direct service. We are led by a steering committee of DFA members with rotating leadership, and count on the power of our entire working group membership to get our work done.

If you are a healthcare provider, member of an immigrant community or community organizer who wishes to contribute your experience and expertise in these issues to our national conversation, please join us!

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Current campaigns:

  • Legal and health professionals demand an end to the unethical Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP)

 Our Values:

  1. As physicians and health workers, we are sworn by a code of medical ethics; and it is our moral and professional duty to speak up against policies and procedures that harm human health actively or by omission.
  2. Many organizations led by immigrants, undocumented individuals, and people of color have long histories and expertise in doing this work. We follow the leadership of people who are most directly affected by the issues we wish to address.
  3. We operate out of an understanding of the historical, political, economic, and social factors in the US and abroad that have contributed to the current dynamics impacting immigrant rights today.
  4. We lift up Intersections of our work for immigrant and refugee health justice with racial justice, campaigns against the prison industrial complex, indigenous rights, white supremacy, homophobia, and gender discrimination.
  5. We listen to and amplify the voices of immigrants who are not traditionally forefront on the national stage, including Black and Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees.
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