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Who's Coming on the Tour

Here are some of the doctors, patients, and health advocates from around the country who will be hitting the road for our historic tour. In addition to those who are coming on the tour, we will be representing the thousands of people in all 50 states who have signed declarations of support for us to deliver. These include many notable leaders in health care and health policy.


Evan SaulinoEvan Saulino, MD PhD
Portland, Oregon 

"I'm Dr. Evan Saulino. I got involved in health advocacy when I lost 2 of my patients in 2006. They died because they did not have coverage or affordable access to the care they needed, despite both working full time. I have already seen a variety of benefits the ACA has provided my patients - for example, seniors who come in for wellness visits and get recommended screening tests without having the barrier of co-pays and patients under 26 years old who are now covered."

Carol DuhCarol Duh
Nashville, Tennessee

My name is Carol Duh. I just finished my third year of medical school at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. I am taking a short hiatus from medical school to complete a public policy program at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University where I can learn about the policies that affect the health of my patients. I plan to be a pediatrician, and I am hitting the road for a healthier America for my future patients.

Chris Hughes, MDChristopher M. Hughes, MD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Don Nguyen, MDDon Nguyen, MD
Dayton, Ohio

Scott Poppen, MD MPAScott Poppen, MD MPA
Draper, Utah

"I'm Dr. Scott Poppen, Utah State Director for Doctors for America, and a retired primary care internist.  2012 is the the most important election year of my lifetime.  The Affordable Care Act has already started major transformations in the American health care system that have improved access to care.  I'm traveling to do whatever I can to make sure our new health care law is fully implemented to provide even more access, with increased quality, and at lower cost."

Vivek Murthy, MD MBAVivek Murthy, MD MBA
Boston, Massachusetts 
Mona Mangat, MDMona Mangat, MD
St. Petersburg, Florida

PatientsOverPolitics LogoCarolyn Senger, MD
Framingham, Massachusetts

"I'm Dr. Carolyn Senger. I'm a medical resident physician. I'm hitting the road to highlight the holes and places where our health care system breaks down and to advocate for better systemic solutions."

Sharon PaigeSharon Paige
Seattle, Washington

"My name is Sharon Paige, and I am in my final year of the MD-PhD program at the University of Washington in Seattle. Having decided to pursue a career in Pediatrics, I am joining the Patients Over Politics bus tour in support of children and their families. No parent or caretaker should ever have to choose between putting food on the table and obtaining life-saving treatment for a sick child."

PatientsOverPolitics LogoHoward Eisenson, MD
Raleigh, North Carolina

"I am Dr. Howard Eisenson. I am a family physician and have done a lot of things with my career. I am Chair of the Board of Project Access Durham County, an organization that coordinates donated specialty care for low income uninsured Durham residents. I recently started a new job as Chief Medical Officer for Lincoln Community Health Center."

L. Toni LewisLuella Toni Lewis, MD
Brooklyn, New York 

"I am Dr. Luella Toni Lewis - Family Doc and Geriatrician. I currently serve as Chair of SEIU Healthcare, representing 1.1 million union docs, nurses, and healthcare workers in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  I'm hitting the road because it troubles so many in my life -- friends, family, colleagues, members -- to see health injustice and disparity in a country of such wealth. I'm sick and tired of politicians with excellent, secure access to healthcare playing political games with people's lives. I hit the road for health justice and truth.  Implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and securing Medicare and Medicaid are moving our country in the right direction. We can and must keep moving forward!"

Robert LuedeckeRobert Luedecke, MD
San Antonio, Texas

"I am Dr. Robert Luedecke, an anesthesiologist in private practice.  As both a physician and someone who has a chronic medical problem, I am raising awareness of all those people with pre-existing conditions who have been helped by the Affordable Care Act.  I also want to help all those hard working people I know who cannot afford healthcare for themselves and their families."

Don MathisDon Mathis
Havre de Grace, Maryland

"I'm Don Mathis, president & CEO of the Community Action Partnership, a national nonprofit membership organization of 1,000 local Community Action Agencies and their state associations.  Our members provide programs and opportunities for low-income and other vulnerable populations.  ACA is very important to our network and the 20 million people and families ae serve annually."

PatientsOverPolitics LogoMeghana Desale
Baltimore, Maryland

"I'm Meghana Desale, a fourth year medical student at Johns Hopkins. I'm joining the bus tour because I believe that everyone has a right to quality affordable health care."  

PatientsOverPolitics LogoDelia Shanahan, RN
Baltimore, Maryland

"My name is Delia Shanahan and I am a nurse at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. I believe healthcare is a human right and that in our great country, no one should be without it. I have witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of inadequate healthcare and am traveling for all those who face illness without the medical care they need."  

Sonia VishinDr. Sonia Vishin, MD
Birmingham, Alabama


PatientsOverPolitics LogoChris Compton, MD
Birmingham, Alabama 

PatientsOverPolitics LogoTom Neely, MD
Boston, Massachusetts

"My name is Dr. Tom Neely. I recently finished a primary care focused internal medicine residence at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and will soon be starting work as a primary care physician. I am also one of the co-Directors of the Massachusetts state chapter of Doctors for America. I'm going on the bus tour because it is crucial that the right to affordable, quality health care - a right that is now firmly in place here in Massachusetts - be extended to everyone."

Rita NguyenRita Nguyen, MD
Boston, Massachusetts 

"I'm Dr. Rita Nguyen, and I am an Internal Medicine resident physician in Boston.  Growing up on the East Side of San Jose in a low income neighborhood, I saw first hand how poor access to quality healthcare affected my community.  I spent medical school in Baltimore, a city even more ravaged by poverty and countless patients without the financial means to obtain timely medical care.  Since coming to Massachusetts, it has been a relief to see what nearly universal healthcare coverage looks like in practice for my patients.  I'm hitting the road for my community back in San Jose, for the uninsured patients in Baltimore, and for all my future patients who stand to benefit from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - much as Massachusetts has benefited from its healthcare legislation which served as the basis of the ACA."

Pamella Gronemeyer, MD
Glen Carbon, Illinois

"I am Dr. Pamella Gronemeyer. I am a pathologist and have been practicing medicine for 30 plus years. I believe that healthcare is a human right and am working to insure that my daughter and her future children will live in a country where we make providing healthcare for all a reality. I am an activist and have a progressive group at home, Southern Illinois People for Progress."

Anna LizamaAnna Lizama Clark, MD
Orlando, Florida

I am Anna Lizama. I am a board certified Ob/Gyn, who has done mostly Primary Care in a corporate setting for the last 3 years.  I have been unemployed for the last 2 and 1/2 months and lost my health insurance the same day I lost my job. I am on the bus tour to educate citizens of the benefits of the ACA and its portability. 

Kenya and Ruby WheelerKenya Wheeler
Oakland, California

"I'm Kenya Wheeler and I'm an Urban Planner, California native, an avid cyclist and a cancer survivor. After working to help pass the Affordable Care Act in 2009-2010, I was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma and personally experienced our broken health insurance system. Over the past year, I had eye surgery (retinal detachment), brain surgery, 6 months of intensive chemotherapy, and spent over 12 weeks in hospitals. I'm in remission now, but all of this treatment cost over $600,000 (only partially covered by insurance). The protections in the Affordable Care Act, like allowing people with pre-existing conditions to obtain coverage and eliminating lifetime limits on insurance company payments for health care, mean the difference between life and death for people like me - we need to protect and expand the ACA."

Patrick CannonPatrick Cannon
Tampa, Florida

"I’m Patrick Cannon. I’m a health care advocate, and I’m on the bus tour to educate the public on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act."

PatientsOverPolitics LogoAnn and H. Tony Martin
Seattle, Washington 

"My husband (Tony Martin) and I (Ann Martin) are retired from the law and land use, transportation, and environmental planning, respectively. We are both in that awkward in between state - old enough to retire, but not old enough for medicare. So we pay a substantial part of our income for health insurance with a large ($10,000) deductible. We also have a son who is a recent graduate from college who has lost his college insurance and must now find another source of coverage."

PatientsOverPolitics LogoCedric Bright, MD
Durham, North Carolina 

Suzie PrabhakaranSuzie Prabhakaran, MD
Sarasota, Florida 

PatientsOverPolitics LogoRam Krishnamoorthi, MD
Chicago, Illinois 

PatientsOverPolitics LogoAni Ramesh
Baltimore, Maryland 

PatientsOverPolitics LogoEleanor Greene, MD
High Point, North Carolina