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Gun Policy after Newtown - with Professor David Hemenway


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On Tuesday, January 22, Harvard public health researcher David Hemenway participated in a special Doctors for America “Ask the experts” policy call to share his insights on President Obama's gun violence prevention plan and other matters in health policy.

David Hemenway, Ph.D., is Director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.  He has won ten teaching awards at Harvard School of Public Health. He has written widely on injury prevention, including articles on firearms, violence, suicide, child abuse, motor vehicle crashes, fires, falls and fractures.  He headed the pilot for the National Violent Death Reporting System, which provides detailed and comparable information on suicide and homicide.

Dr. Hemenway has written numerous books and peer-review articles. His book, Private Guns Public Health(2006) describes the public health approach to reducing firearm violence, and summarized the scientific studies on the firearms and health. While You Were Sleeping: Success Stories in Injury and Violence Prevention (2009) describes more than sixty successes, and over thirty heroes who have made the world safer. 

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