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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: Doctors and Medical Students in 49 States Celebrate Supreme Court Decision on Health Reform


Urge Republicans and Democrats to Work with Health Care Providers and Patients to Address Country’s Health Crisis

Washington, D.C. — Doctors and medical students in 49 states and the District of Columbia are available for comment on the impact of the Supreme Court decision on health reform today.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision is great news for communities and health care providers across the country. It means we move one step closer to improving health care for everyone,” said Dr. Vivek Murthy, President and Co-Founder of Doctors for America. “Everyone should be able to get health care when they need it—whether they are a small business owner, a nursing home worker, an artist, a mayor, or a Supreme Court justice. We need politicians to put patients over politics. It’s time to implement and build on the progress already made by the Affordable Care Act for millions of patients and their families.”

Dr. Robert Luedecke of San Antonio, Texas, added: “Today is a good day for my patients and for my family—for my young adult children who are on my health insurance and for me, an independent contractor with a preexisting condition. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, my patients and my family can look forward to a more secure future. Today should be a call to action for everyone who believes that our country should be a place where everyone can get health care—and that we must work together to secure that future!”

To emphasize the importance of fixing our health care system, Doctors for America is organizing a Patients Over Politics Bus Tour this summer from the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida, to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, calling upon all politicians to stand with patients and health care providers for a future where everyone can get the health care they need.

The following doctors and medical students are available for comment:


  • BOSTON: Dr. Vivek Murthy—President and Co-Founder
  • LOS ANGELES: Dr. Alice Chen—Executive Director
  • WASHINGTON, D.C.: Dr. Christopher Lillis
  • NEW YORK: Dr. Manisha Sharma


ALABAMA Dr. Tom Ellison—Birmingham; Dr. David Mauritson—Fairhope

ALASKA Natalie Hale—Anchorage

ARKANSAS Dr. Hershey Garner (doctor and lawyer)—Fayetteville

ARIZONA Dr. Archie Bleyer—Tuscon; Dr. Nick Vasquez—Phoenix

CALIFORNIA Dr. Laura Davies—San Francisco; Dr. Alice Chen—San Francisco; Dr. Rab Razzak—Los Angeles; Dr. Jonas Green—Los Angeles; Dr. Brad Rosen—Los Angeles

COLORADO Dr. Jean Abbott—Boulder; Dr. Elinor Christiansen—Denver

CONNECTICUT Dr. Ali Khan—New Haven; Dr. Daniel Fass—Greenwich

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Dr. Michael Newman, Dr. Michal Young, Dr. Mini Campos, Kate Prather, Elizabeth Oler

FLORIDA Dr. Mona Mangat—St. Petersburg; Dr. Rashmi Murthy—Miami; Dr. Sujatha Prabhakaran—Sarasota; Dr. Sultan Rahaman—Orlando; Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway—Orlando

GEORGIA Dr. Gayathri Suresh—Atlanta

HAWAII Dr. Joseph Humphrey—Honolulu

IDAHO Dr. Tim McHugh—Meridian

ILLINOIS Dr. Ram Krishnamoorthi—Chicago; Dr. Sachin D. Shah—Chicago; Dr. Kohar Jones—Chicago

INDIANA Todd Hassee (lawyer)—Indianapolis; Dr. Andrew Loehrer

IOWA Dr. Robert Gitchell—Ames

KANSAS Dr. David Oberdorfer—Bonner Springs; Dr. Craig Yorke—Topeka

LOUISIANA Dr. Heidi Sinclair—Baton Rouge / New Orleans

MAINE Dr. Jane Pringle—Portland

MASSACHUSETTS Dr. Vivek Murthy—Boston; Dr. Martin Solomon; Dr. Umbereen Nehal—Boston; Dr. Sonja Rakowski—Boston; Dr. Rebecca Jones—Whateley

MARYLAND Meghana Desale—Baltimore; Dr. Claire Morin—Gaithersburg

MICHIGAN Michael Cleary—Ann Arbor

MINNESOTA Dr. Nathan Bahr—Rochester

MISSOURI Dr. David Oberdorfer—Kansas City; Kate Prather—Kansas City

MONTANA Dr. Lisa Pacheco—Missoula; Dr. Meg Sarnecki—Box Elder; Dr. Kathryn Borgenicht—Bozeman

NEBRASKA Dr. Matthew Bosley—Lincoln

NEVADA Dr. Zaffar Iqbal—Henderson; Dr. Khalil Carter—Las Vegas

NEW HAMPSHIRE Dr. Chris Heatherton—Hampton; Dr. Angela Crane—Bedford

NEW MEXICO Dr. Dora Calott Wang—Albuquerque

NEW JERSEY Dr. Marta Meyers—Morristown; Dr. Shilpa Setya—Parsippany

NEW YORK Dr. Manisha Sharma—New York City; Dr. Cat London—New York City; Josh Oppenheimer—New York City

NORTH CAROLINA Dr. Seanta Clarke

NORTH DAKOTA Dr. Cynthia Brooke—Grand Forks

OHIO Dr. Don Nguyen—Dayton; Dr. Will Sawyer—Cincinnati; Dr. Arthur Lavin—Cleveland

OKLAHOMA Dr. Katherine Scheirman—Oklahoma City; Dr. Boyd Shook—Oklahoma City

OREGON Dr. Evan Saulino—Portland

PENNSYLVANIA Dr. Ian Bennett—Narbeth; Dr. Lindsay Shultz—Connellsville; Dr. James Thomas—Lebanon; Dr. Chris Hughes—Pittsburgh; Dr. David Rand—Philadelphia

RHODE ISLAND Dr. Maggie Kozel—Jamestown

SOUTH CAROLINA Dr. Seanta Clark—Fort Mill; Shanelle Campbell—Spartanburg

SOUTH DAKOTA Dr. Kevin Weiland—Rapid City; Dr. Nancy Babbitt—Rapid City

TENNESSEE Carol Duh—Nashville

TEXAS Dr. Robert Luedecke—San Antonio; Dr. Anna Tran—Houston; Dr. Winfred Parnell—Dallas

UTAH Dr. Scott Poppen—Draper

VERMONT Dr. Rebecca Jones—Brattleboro

VIRGINIA Dr. Christopher Lillis—Fredericksburg; Dr. Thomas Connally—Arlington; Dr. Ryan Buchholz—Falls Church

WASHINGTON Dr. Lisa Plymate—Seattle; Dr. Marilyn Berko—Tumwater

WEST VIRGINIA Dan Foster - Charleston

WISCONSIN Dr. Ian Gilson—Milwaukee; Dr. Aaron Dunn; Dr. Peter Sigmann—Sturgeon Bay

WYOMING Dr. Samreen Hasan

Doctors for America is a national movement of doctors and medical students in all 50 states who are working together to improve the health of the nation and to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, high-quality health care.

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