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DFA Statement on Texas vs US


As the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans prepares to hand down their ruling in Texas v. United States, a case that seeks to overturn and invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA), physicians and medical trainees every know the stakes for our patients. Doctors for America (DFA), which represents more than 21,000 doctors and medical students nationwide, stands united in strong opposition to this case and in defense of the Affordable Care Act.

Doctors everywhere can attest to the positive results the law has provided for our patients. Striking down the entire Affordable Care Act is an extreme position that would be devastating to our patients and create complete chaos for the entire health care system. After nearly a decade, the law has become deeply embedded in our practices and hospitals.   Uprooting the entire law would have an untold number of negative, unintended, and far-reaching health and economic consequences. Insurance companies could once again discriminate against individuals with preexisting conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, or even congenital heart disease.  Up to 20 million people would lose health coverage, including 3 million children, and 130 million people would lose their pre-existing condition protections.

As physicians and medical students, we have had a front-row seat in witnessing how the Affordable Care Act has made positive, real and measurable differences in the lives of our patients.  We cannot and should not go backward.  The damage would be widespread and catastrophic.  

In the strongest possible terms, Doctors for America urges the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reject this latest attack on our health care system. This is about more than just statistics - the lives of real people - people we care for each day - hang in the balance.


"As a neuroscience graduate student and budding neurologist, I very ironically got a brain infection and had a mini-stroke. I was subsequently denied physician disability insurance with these pre-existing conditions, but under the ACA, I am thankfully free of high premiums or insurance denial for health care."  - Dr. Dona K Murphey, MD - Board of directors of Doctors for America.

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