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Doctors for America Statement on Inclusion of Gun Research Ban in Budget

Doctors for America issued the following statement in response to the inclusion of the gun research ban in the Omnibus appropriations bill.

Statement from Doctors for America Executive Director Dr. Alice Chen:

“We are deeply disappointed that Congress has once again blocked the ability of our Nation’s leading health agencies to conduct gun violence research. The medical and public health communities believe gun violence is a serious public health epidemic.  As health care providers, we are overwhelmed by the devastating injuries and 90 deaths a day from gun violence.

“We continue to believe a central part of addressing these tragedies is through conducting rigorous scientific research, which has not happened for nearly 20-years.  The impact of federal research in reducing deaths from car accidents, smoking and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been well proven.  It’s time to apply the same approach to reducing the threat of gun violence in our communities. The medical and public health community will keep bringing the public's attention to this issue until Congress takes action to lift the effective ban and fund the research we need to save lives.”

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