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Doctors for America Statement on Recent Shootings


Washington, DC -- Statement from Doctors for America on the Shootings in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and Dallas.

Doctors for America Executive Director Dr. Alice Chen:

"This has been a challenging week for the nation. We have watched Alton Sterling shot to death while selling CD's outside a convenience store. We saw Philando Castile, a beloved school lunch supervisor, shot to death while driving home from the grocery store. We are witnesses to five police officers shot to death and seven others wounded while doing their jobs and protecting a peaceful demonstration. These tragedies come on the heels of 49 people shot to death while dancing on a Saturday night in Orlando.

"As doctors and medical students who have dedicated our careers to protecting health and saving lives, we mourn every loss. We call upon society to do everything we can to prevent tragic deaths from stealing the hopes, dreams, and futures of any person in America.  

"That means affirming that black lives matter. That means recognizing that every life is precious. That means taking a hard look at the prejudices and implicit biases that each of us carry and doing everything we can to remove those prejudices and biases​. ​That means ensuring that law enforcement is well trained to de-escalate potential conflicts and eliminating racial bias from all aspects of our criminal justice system. That means passing common sense legislation to reduce gun violence including funding federal research on gun violence, investing in programs that reduce violence, and ensuring that no one who poses a likely threat to others or themselves can purchase a firearm. That means doing the hard work of building and strengthening trust and bonds between each of us and anyone who looks, talks, and thinks differently.

'Together, we can build a stronger and more cohesive society where everyone can live to their full potential."

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