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Statement on the Inauguration of President Donald Trump


Washington, DC -- Statement from Doctors for America Chair  Dr. Mona Mangat on the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

“President Donald Trump takes over at a time when the nation’s uninsured rate is the lowest on record. More than 90 percent of Americans are covered. Millions of people finally have the safety and security of coverage that ensures they can lead healthy lives. We can’t go backward.

“President Trump has made clear his desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act while also pledging not to take away people’s coverage. He has indicated support for ‘health insurance for everybody,’ to maintain a ban on preexisting conditions and continuing to allow those 26 years and under to stay on their parent’s plans -- all of which we support. We hope his goals also include making certain people continue to receive insurance that maintains quality standards and protections, as currently provided by the health law.

“Doctors and medical students support improvements to the health law that ensure more people have greater coverage at less cost, but we will not sit idly by if he chooses the path of pulling the rug out from under patients by taking away their care. Doctors will stand side by side with our patients every step of the way to demand that President Trump put patients over politics and safeguards the health of the nation.”


Doctors for America mobilizes doctors and medical students to be leaders in putting patients over politics on the pressing issues of the day to improve the health of our patients, communities, and nation.

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