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Idaho Doctors Tell Attorney General Wasden That The Lawsuit Puts Politics before Patients


WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Idaho Doctors for America members released a letter expressing outrage at Attorney General Wasden for joining a 20 state lawsuit to block implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Physicians in Idaho signed a letter stating the lawsuit will harm their patients by delaying Medicaid funding and slowing the implementation of the PPACA in their state. 

“Everyday my solo family practice is approached by patients without health insurance seeking care. While we try to accommodate many of them, many more are turned away by the very costs of providing that care, even after discounts.  Only now, as the Affordable Care Act begins to take effect, are we seeing more patients gain access to regular preventive health care,” said Dr. Tim McHugh, Doctors for America Idaho State Director. “Instead of wasting taxpayer money on politically tainted lawsuits, we need our elected leaders to focus on implementing health reform to ensure our patients get the care they need when they need it.”

There are over 222,000 uninsured in Idaho. The new law will finally put health coverage within reach for these Idaho families by prohibiting denial or higher premiums for those with pre-existing conditions, providing subsidies to families and small businesses to purchase insurance, and creating competitive state exchanges where consumers are in control of their health coverage – not insurance companies.

“When the uninsured need health care, they often wait until their conditions are so severe that they seek care in the most expensive setting: the local emergency room. Much of the cost of their uncovered care is passed on to the insured patients to the tune of several hundred billion dollars annually nationwide,” said Dr. McHugh. “By suing to overturn the PPACA, Attorney General Wasden is attempting to take away the long awaited access to health care so many Idahoans have finally gained, and to guarantee that the financial burden of the uninsured will continue to be passed on by providers.”

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