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Nebraska Doctors Tell Attorney General Bruning That The Lawsuit Puts Politics before Patients


WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Nebraska Doctors for America members released a letter expressing outrage at Attorney General Bruning for joining a 20 state lawsuit to block implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Physicians in Nebraska signed a letter stating the lawsuit will harm their patients by delaying Medicaid funding and slowing the implementation of the PPACA in their state. 

“This lawsuit is a premeditated, knee-jerk political reaction by Attorney General Bruning for the purpose of discrediting the new health insurance law, diverting attention away from the benefits the law offers all Nebraskans -- especially working class wage-earners, self-employed small business owners, and the temporarily unemployed,”, said Dr. Matt Bosley, Doctors for America Nebraska State Director. “These are the ones hurting most from the failures of our health insurance system.”

There are over 221,000 uninsured in Nebraska.  The new law will finally put health coverage within reach for these Nebraska families by prohibiting denial or higher premiums for those with pre-existing conditions, providing subsidies to families and small businesses to purchase insurance, and creating competitive state exchanges where consumers are in control of their health coverage – not insurance companies.

“There are many Nebraskans out there who simply are not getting necessary medical care because they lack insurance and cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket -- this makes health care much more expensive for ALL Nebraskans,” said Dr. Bosley.  “When the uninsured have a health crisis their only alternative is go to a hospital emergency room.  If they can’t afford to pay the hospital's bill taxpayers and insurance premium payers pay for it.  It's now time to change the system so that it's fair for everyone."

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