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Patients Over Politics Tour Hits Both Conventions: Doctors and Patients Stand Up for Health Reform


Doctors and patients embark on a historic 12-day journey from Republican National Convention to Democratic National Convention, 
busting health reform myths and providing preventive care along the way

WASHINGTON, DC– Doctors for America’s Patients Over Politics Tour is a historic 12-day journey of doctors and patients from the Republican National Convention in Tampa to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Our message to politicians in both political parties and in cities along the way: “It’s time for opponents of health reform to stop obstructing the Affordable Care Act. It’s time for supporters of health reform to stand up for the Affordable Care Act.”

Doctors and patients are flying and driving in from 17 states to participate in the Patients Over Politics Tour. At each stop, doctors will be providing preventive care to the public, including blood pressure and diabetes screenings. Select stops along the route will feature declaration deliveries, where doctors and patients will present a declaration to America’s politicians signed by thousands of citizens in all 50 states that reads: We, the undersigned, demand our politicians put Patients Over Politics. We must work together to build on the Affordable Care Act with further reforms and commit to a future where everyone can get health care when they need it.” Signers include top leaders in health care – deans of medical schools, leaders of health systems, and heads of national physician organizations. 

“Those of us who know - who witness the tragedies of our health care system and who understand that the Affordable Care Act will save lives - we have to stand up. We have to speak up. We have to speak truth to power,” said Alice Chen, MD, Executive Director of Doctors for America. “If health reform falls to political pressures, we will never be able to face our patients, our country, or ourselves knowing there's something we could have done. Together, we can turn the tide and win once and for all a future, where we as a country, make sure that everyone can get the health care they need.”

WHO:   Doctors and patients standing up for the Affordable Care Act because it saves lives

WHAT:     Doctors for America’s Patients Over Politics Tour
                        Deliver Declarations of Support for health reform to elected leaders
Town hall forums to bust myths about the impact of health reform on communities
Health screenings

WHEN and WHERE:            August 26 to September 6, 2012
RNC (Tampa, FL) to DNC (Charlotte, NC)

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