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Press Release on Gun Violence Research



Allison Volkman

Doctors for America
Project Director - Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

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Doctors for America (DFA), which represents more than 18,000 doctors and medical students nationwide, is proud to stand among the hundreds of organizations nationwide whose members initiated calls, wrote Op/Eds, and spoke out about the importance of treating gun violence prevention as a public health crisis. Through panels, town halls, school board meetings, medical societies, White Coats Boot Camps, and meetings with legislators, DFA’s members have made obtaining funding for gun violence research a priority. 

Thanks to this continuous stream of public support and pressure by many organizations, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate negotiated a government spending bill that includes 25 million dollars in funding to the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health to research gun violence prevention -- for the first time in twenty years. This is a tremendous victory and a vital prerequisite for taking steps that can prevent injuries and deaths by gun violence. DFA realizes there is a final step in this process - we strongly encourage all of our members to call their national elected officials to urge them to cast their final vote in favor of this package that includes gun violence prevention research funding. 

Justin Lowenthal, a medical student and PhD Candidate at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland and the Chair of DFA’s National Steering Committee on Gun Violence Prevention, put it this way: “Physicians and health workers understand the importance of research to enhance scientific evidence on the causes of death, illness, and poor health in the population. Gun violence and opportunities for prevention of firearm-related injury are no exception. This funding for research will be vital to better understanding risk factors and formulating effective policies to ensure the safety and health of our patients and communities. We are grateful to all the physicians, medical students, and other advocates who reached out to their elected officials to make this happen.” 

Through their tireless advocacy and enthusiasm for fighting to ensure the safety and improve the well-being of their patients, doctors and medical trainees everywhere have made one thing clear: #ThisIsOurLane.

Doctors for America mobilizes doctors and medical students in all 50 states and advocates access to affordable healthcare for all, a life safe from gun violence, and eliminating barriers to effective care delivery for all the nation's healthcare providers.

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