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STATEMENT: Doctors Applaud Major Step Forward for ObamaCare with H.H.S. Announcement of Navigator Grants Today


Washington, D.C. — Today marked a major step forward for the one in seven Americans who has no health insurance.  The Department of Health and Human Services announced grants to organizations that will help people get health insurance through the new insurance marketplaces opening October 1.  They also announced the Champions of Coverage, comprised of organizations across the country that are helping to educate the public about new health insurance options.

Dr. Alice Chen, internal medicine physician and Executive Director for Doctors for America, said today:

“Doctors and medical students across the country are excited to stand side by side with our communities to make sure our patients get covered. 

There is a lot of misinformation today, but as doctors, we know our patients need to hear the facts.  Starting October 1st, there will be better options for people who have been struggling to get the health care they need.

Doctors and medical students across the country are educating our colleagues in hospitals and clinics.  We are educating our patients with brochures and fliers.  We’re educating our communities by working with churches and libraries and other groups.  We are working to get information to the people who need it the most – the one in seven Americans who has no health insurance.

We can make sure every American can get health care when they need it. We just need to work together to get our neighbors covered this year.”

To speak with Dr. Chen or other doctors around the country about today’s announcement, please contact Rachel Curley at or 202-478-5327.

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