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Statement on Approval of Rep. Tom Price by Senate Finance Committee


Washington, DC -- Doctors for America Chair Dr. Mona Mangat issued the following statement regarding the approval of Rep. Tom Price by Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee.

“We continue to believe Rep. Tom Price is the wrong choice to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. His understanding of the Affordable Care Act runs directly counter to our experiences and to that of the millions of Americans who do not want to see their coverage taken away. Patients across the country have spoken out in large numbers to express their concerns about repeal. If anything, doctors and patients want to see the Affordable Care Act strengthened -- providing more care and financial relief to working families, not less.  

“We have come so far in the past seven years since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  We need to build on its successes, not pull the rug out from all the people whose lives are better because of it.

“Furthermore, we remain deeply concerned about the unanswered questions regarding Rep. Price’s conflicts of interest and insider trading which demand further review.”


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