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Statement on the Protection of Health Care for Millions


Doctors for America Chair Dr. Mona Mangat today issued the following statement regarding the failure of House Republicans to garner enough support on the American Health Care Act, a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

"Today is a great day for America and for doctors across the country who are breathing a sigh of relief on behalf of our patients. We call upon members of Congress in both parties, especially the Republican leadership, to focus on the message that America has sent loud and clear: it is time to move past the politically motivated race to repeal and to work together as one nation to ensure that everyone can get the health care they need.

"Today, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 90 percent of Americans are covered. Millions of patients are finally getting the care they need for cancer, opioid addiction, asthma and diabetes. We will not allow our nation to go back to a time when our patients struggled to get the care they needed.  Doctors intend to keep working to make health care a right for everyone in America, and we will not stand for any more misguided bills that would take away our patients' care."


Doctors for America mobilizes doctors and medical students across medical specialties in all 50 states to be leaders in putting patients over politics on the pressing issues of the day to improve the health of our patients, communities, and nation.

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