Rock the Vaccine

Take the Pledge to Become a DFA Vaccine ROCKSTAR!

Be a vaccine champion and help others get excited about getting the COVID-19 vaccine! Take the pledge to help us in this initiative and commit to one or more of the following suggested outreach efforts:

  • Ask all patients about their COVID-19 vaccination status: Make the COVID-19 vaccine a vital sign and make sure every patient who touches the healthcare system is asked about their vaccination status.
  • Community canvases: Put on your white coat and a mask, make a sign, and head out to somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic (especially in underserved areas) to answer questions. DFA will provide access to scripts and safety guidelines to facilitate low barriers to entry community canvasses.
  • Answer vaccine questions from volunteers at an in-person or virtual outreach event.
  • Answer questions where people go (food pantry, Goodwill, grocery store, school, libraries).
  • Organize an “Ask Me Anything About Vaccines” town hall for a local organization that serves underserved individuals (a local church, library, homeless shelter).
  • Reach out to your patients about the COVID-19 vaccines: email, phone, or text.
  • Learn more about frequently asked vaccine questions with DFA’s comprehensive COVID Toolkit.
  • Join a phone bank, join another event, or even host your own event to reach out and talk to people in your community about COVID vaccines.

Are YOU a Vaccine Rockstar?

We want to know! Tell us what you’re doing and send us photos or videos of you in action!

    Once you’ve achieved Rockstar status, order your DFA Rock the Vaccine t-shirt to show your support!

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