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Sample Anniversary Party Agenda

Note: We will be announcing our Special Guest for the evening shortly.  All times below are EST.  We are aiming for the confererence call at 8pm EST, so adjust your agenda accordingly!  

Guests arrive (7:30-7:40)

  • Have your guests sign-in.
  • It may be helpful to ask people to wear a name tag if guests don't know each other.

Meet and Greet (7:40-7:50)

  • Welcome.
  • Have everyone introduce themselves.
  • Review the agenda.

Hand out (7:50-8:00)

  • Hand out materials.
  • Read a few highlights.

Conference Call with Special Guest (8:00-8:30)

Discussion (8:30-8:45)

  • Use the talking points and discussion materials provided to engage attendees.
  • Take Action!  Start planning how you and the attendees are going to move health reform forward in your community.

Wrap-up (8:45-9:00)

  • Thank everyone for coming.

Post Party

  • Send a thank you note to all attendees with follow-up instructions on the action you all plan to take.
  • Send sign-up sheet, pictures and let us know your follow-up action at info@drsforamerica.org.

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