Doctors and medical students know Medicaid is a lifeline for many. Yet, it remains among one of the most hotly debated healthcare programs.

The Affordable Care Act has added 20 million Americans to the nation’s insurance rolls and lowered the percentage of uninsured to a historic low using the twin pillars of state/federal marketplaces and Medicaid expansion in 31 states plus the District of Columbia. However, governors and state legislative leaders in 19 states across the country have continued to refuse to expand Medicaid to millions in the coverage gap.

Here are some actions doctors and medical students can take to strengthen and expand Medicaid.

Take action now to strengthen and expand Medicaid! 

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Take The Pledge To Care For Medicaid Patients 

At a time when the disadvantaged are at risk of being swept aside, we must take a personal stand and do something tangible. Together, let us make it clear to everyone that the future of Medicaid is strong when we all do our part.

Whether you are self-employed, employed, a medical student, or already caring for this economically vulnerable population, take the pledge that will help strengthen this essential public health insurance program so that it is available to many generations to come. 

TAKE ACTION: Pledge to do your part to care for Medicaid patients.

Medicaid Expansion: Working State-by-State until all 50 States are Covered

For millions of low-income Americans without insurance, the Medicaid expansion created by the Affordable Care Act means better lives, better health, and a more secure future.  For health care providers, the Medicaid expansion means additional resources to care for their patients with the last means.  For states struggling to balance their budgets, the Medicaid expansion is much-needed help from the federal government.  

But governors and state legislatures of many of the most impoverished states are refusing expansion. Why?  Politics and ideology.  That's why Doctors for America members are standing up for our patients and for common sense!

States where Doctors for America members are working with coalition partners to expand Medicaid include: Alabama, Idaho, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin. For a state-by-state overview of expansion please click here.

Take Action: Use this call tool to contact your state legislators.


Protecting Federal Funding for Prevention and Medicaid
We organized 15 organizations representing over 300,000 physicians to protect Medicaid from cuts in 2011. We also gathered signatures and stories from hundreds of physicians in support of the Public Health and Prevention Fund and the need for increased prevention funding.

Patients Over Politics Tour (August-September, 2012)
Over 50 doctors, medical students, health advocates, and patients participated in a 12-day tour in a big blue RV from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.  At 20 events in 9 cities along the way, thousands of people were educated about the facts of the Affordable Care Act.  We had dozens of media interviews and articles, radio appearances, and TV appearances.

Innovate, Don't Amputate Campaign (June, 2011)
We brought together 15 organizations representing over 300,000 physicians and medical studentsaround a unified letter and message about protecting Medicaid and Medicare in the debt ceiling debate. We brought leaders of these organizations to Washington, D.C. to meet with senior Administration staff and Congressional leadership of both parties, focusing particularly on preventing cuts to Medicaid in the days before the final deal was struck. In the final deal, Medicaid was spared harmful cuts.

Physicians in Ohio and Virginia worked with local advocacy organizations to deliver a petition with over 1500 physician signatures to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor’s offices and were featured in local press.  

First Annual National Leadership Conference and Lobby Day (May 23-24, 2011)
Physician and medical student leaders from across the country came together to share experiences and learn about policy and community organizing. Featured speakers included Dr. Don Berwick (Administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services), Senator Tom Daschle (former Senate majority leader and health care champion), and many other exciting speakers.  Take a look at the agenda.

  • Every low-income person in America should have access to equitable, high-quality, affordable health care.
  • Medicaid is a crucial program to ensure that access.  We must invest in the program to ensure that it is providing high-quality care to everyone.
  • We believe that every health care provider should participate in Medicaid

Policy Positions:

  • We support the expansion of Medicaid to 133% of the federal poverty level in all 50 states.
  • We support policies that facilitate Medicaid participation by health care providers (parity, care coordination).
  • We support policies that make it easier for low-income individuals to sign up for Medicaid.
  • We support innovations to improve the quality, efficiency, and affordability of Medicaid programs.
  • We oppose federal block granting of Medicaid due to anticipated reduction of services and eligibility in many states.

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