Host a House Party

Why Host a House Party?

House parties are a simple and fun way to gather your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to educate them about health reform and to get them to take action.  It allows you to bring different people together to have a dialogue about what needs to happen with our health care system and how the group can collectively take action to improve the system for us and our patients.

Who should I invite?

Invite fellow Doctors for America members.  If you don’t know members in your area, contact us and we’ll let members in your community know about your house party.  You should also invite your colleagues to join.  You can invite your friends, neighbors, family, church members or anyone else in your network.  The more people you reach out to the bigger the impact your house party will have.

I’ve never hosted a House Party.  What do I do?

No worries.  We’re here to help you host a great house party.  Just follow the instructions below.


  1. Contact the DFA for materials that are available for your House Party at
  2. Invite your friends and colleagues. Send everyone an e-mail, call and energize them to attend.   
  3. Ask DFA to send an invite to members in your area.
  4. Make an agenda for the party.  Click here for a sample agenda.
  5. Photocopy any materials you would like to handout.
  6. Purchase snacks or ask your attendees to bring an item.
  7. Send a reminder to your attendees a day or two before the party.  Typically, expect around 50 percent of those that say they will come to show up.
  8. Provide a sign-in sheet for DFA E-mail Alerts and for volunteers to host additional parties.


  1. Welcome your guests and ask them to introduce themselves.
  2. Stay focused on the subject and agenda.
  3. Ask everyone to take an action before they leave.
  4. Remind everyone to sign up for DFA e-mails and to host their own house party.
  5. Take pictures.
  6. Thank everyone for coming


  1. Send your guests a thank you note or e-mail for attending your house party.  Remind them of any actions they agreed to take after the house party. 
  2. Stay in contact with your house party guests. 
  3. Let us know how it went and send us your pictures!  Send them to

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