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State Directors and State Leadership Team Members

Our national field team is made up of practicing physicians and medical students across the country who volunteer their time to organize their fellow physicians and medical students. 

Alaska (email)
Email to learn more

Alabama (email)
Tom Ellison, MD 

Arizona (email)
Nick Vasquez, MD
Arkansas (email)
Hershey Garner, MD JD
California (email)
Carolyn Senger, MD
Kenya Wheeler, AICP - Deputy
Catherine Nelson, MD - Gun Safety

Colorado (email)
Email to learn more
Connecticut (email)
Kyle Ragins

DC (email)
Email to learn more

Delaware (email)
Email to learn more

Florida (email)
Sujatha Prabhakaran, MD
Larry Floriani, MD - Deputy

Georgia (email)
Courtney Maniatis, DO 

Hawaii (email)
Email to learn more

Iowa (email)
Email to learn more

Idaho (email)
Tim McHugh, MD

Illinois (email)
V. Ram Krishnamoorthi, MD 

Indiana (email)
Email to learn more
Kansas (email)
Email to learn more

Louisiana (email)
Heidi Sinclair, MD

Maine (email)
Email to learn more

Maryland (email)
Matthew Molloy 

Massachusetts (email)
Amy Baughman, MD
Umbereen S. Nehal, MD MPH
Michigan (email)
Email to learn more

Minnesota (email)
Email to learn more 

Mississippi (email)
Persharon Dixon, MD

Missouri (email)
Email to learn more

Montana (email)
Email to learn more

Nebraska (email)
Matthew Bosley, MD 

Nevada (email)
Email to learn more

New Hampsire(email)
Email to learn more

New Jersey (email)
Email to learn more

New Mexico (email)
Email to learn more

New York (email)
Nina Agrawal, MD - Deputy
Cat London, MD - Media
Jay Mathur - Enrollment
Josh Oppenheimer - Enrollment
Lin-Fan Wang - Women's Health 

North Carolina(email)
Howard Eisenson, MD - Research Triangle
Eleanor Greene, MD - Greensboro
Seanta Clark, PhD - Charlotte 
North Dakota (email)
Email to learn more

Ohio (email)
Arthur Lavin, MD (Cleveland)
Don Nguyen, MD (Dayton)
Matthew Noordsij-Jones, MD (Dayton)  

Oklahoma (email)
Katherine Scheirman, MD

Oregon (email)
Email to learn more

Pennsylvania (email)
Christopher Hughes, MD 

Rhode Island (email)
Maggie Kozel, MD 

South Carolina (email)
Seanta Clark, PhD
Shannelle Campbell, MD

South Dakota (email)
Email to learn more 

Tennessee (email)
Email to learn more

Texas (email)
Anna Tran, MD
Robert Luedecke, MD - Deputy
Winfred Parnell, MD - Leadership Team 

Utah (email)
Scott Poppen, MD MPA

Virginia (email)
Chris Lillis, MD 

Vermont (email)
Rebecca Jones, MD

Washington (email)
Lisa Plymate, MD

West Virginia (email)
Email to learn more 

Wisconsin (email)
Ian Gilson, MD

Wyoming (email)
Email to learn more 

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