Are RNA vaccines safe? We’ve never had one before!

January 22, 2021 0 Comments

Great question!

RNA are like post-it notes (or, for the younger crowd, Snapchat messages that expire!). At any moment, a human cell has 5000+ different RNA messages. They are read by the cells and then destroyed within minutes to hours.

Because they are temporary, they do NOT become a permanent part of your body. In fact, they do not enter the nucleus of the cell and they never interact with a person’s DNA.

These temporary RNA messages instruct the cells of the body to make proteins. In the case of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, they message for one single coronavirus protein: the spike protein. This is the protein that the virus needs to enter the cells. So by developing antibodies to block it, you prevent COVID!

Now: remember — it takes 25 different proteins to make a coronavirus. So your body is NOT making a coronavirus with the RNA vaccine!

It is also important to remember that tens of thousands of people have already received this vaccine and have been watched for several months now. All of this data has been reviewed by independent safety boards across the world. Safety review boards are NOT controlled by the company that makes the vaccine. The end result is a lot of safety data. In all of these reviews, no serious concerns have been found. Rather, the vaccines have shown incredible efficacy.

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