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Dr. Chris Lillis - Blog Founder

Dr. Chris Lillis - Blog Founder

Chris has been active with Doctors for America since it began in 2008.  A full time private practice Internist in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Chris somehow finds the time between work, a new baby, a monthly column and serving on Doctors for America’s Board.

Chris has been giving presentations throughout Virginia to talk with different groups that includes union members, seniors, and community organizations about the newly passed Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Once he started giving these presentations about the new reform law, he started getting more and more requests for him to give presentations for other groups.  

His energy and enthusiasm has been infectious among Doctors for America’s members.  He helped start and recruit a team of over 20 physicians and medical students to be regular bloggers on Progress Notes, Doctors for America’s blog.  Doctors for America would not have the success it’s enjoyed without activists like Chris!


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