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Dr. Mona Mangat - Board Member

Dr. Mona Mangat - Board Member

Mona has been active with Doctors for America since its inception.  She has worked tirelessly in Florida to educate physicians about the real impact health reform will have on our practices and the practice of medicine.

This past November, she participated in a debate hosted by Pinellas County Medical Association, where she defended the Affordable Care Act in a debate against a Florida doctor opposed to reform.  According to a fellow physician attending the debate, “what impressed me the most was her calm, confident demeanor. She never raised her voice; she spoke with compassion, she kept mentioning the "social contract" that physicians had with their patients; she made me proud to be a physician. It was an empowering and inspiring night.”

Besides debating fellow doctors and debunking health reform myths, Mona is responsible for recruiting and mentoring new volunteer leaders in Florida and the surrounding states and has been interviewed countless times to represent doctors views on health reform.  Mona is one of the reasons doctors voices are being heard among decision-makers in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. 

Mona practices Allergy & Immunology in her solo private practice in St. Petersburg, FL.


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