White Coats Boot Camp

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DFA’s White Coats Boot Camp is an exciting new training space designed to empower physicians, residents, and medical students with new skills and with confidence in their ability to act as public advocates around crucial public health issues. Our goals are for all participants to leave each Boot Camp with:

  1. Increased confidence in their ability to act as public advocates,
  2. New skills and knowledge around advocacy work (and the many different ways one can be an advocate),
  3. New knowledge around an issue focus,
  4. A commitment from participants to regularly engage in advocacy activities, and
  5. Renewed energy and excitement for everyone!

Each Boot Camp has a core curriculum and an issue focus (e.g., gun violence prevention, prescription drug affordability, or substance use and addiction).

White Coats Boot Camp Curriculum Graphic

Boot Camps are interactive, with an emphasis on real-world application and hands-on practice. Presenters and session leaders are typically local- or state-level activists, leaders, and physicians with practical experience in advocacy around a particular public health issue.

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