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September is for Starting School: Educational Outcomes in the South Bronx

Carol Duh-Leong, MD, MPP and Laura Marcus, MD This past summer in our primary care clinic in the South Bronx, the most important anticipatory guidance we gave was not to take a vitamin or to eat a new vegetable, but rather to read a new book. Studies show that achievement gaps in high school between students of high socioeco…

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Remarks Before the House Prescription Drug Task Force on Part B Demo

Thank you. I want to thank Representatives Doggett and Welch for their leadership on this issue and for the invitation. I also want to thank my colleague Bruce Rector from DFA, my co-chair and the energy behind much of the work we do. To introduce myself, I currently serve as the Co-Chair for Doctors for America’s Drug Pric…

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Mental health reforms

Each of us knows that mental health is vitally important to the overall health of our patients. Yet, too many Americans do not have access to the mental healthcare they need. Many of us know how it feels when we are unable to find adequate help for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions or a serious…

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