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DFA Leaders Created a Toolkit to Address COVID Vaccine Hesitancy

Our patients, staff, family, friends, and delivery drivers have vaccine questions We’ve been listening! We put together a list of questions with honest and frank answers, to open up a conversation with our patients and advocates to address COVID vaccine hesitancy.    Click here to view…

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Doctors for America Stand with USPS

Doctors for America Stand with US Postal Service  The alarming changes at the United States Postal Service are actively harming Americans.  The sudden lack of overtime, removal of mail sorting machines, and sabotage of the USPS to perform its basic functions are causing medication delivery delays.     Am…

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Weekly Rounds 08-23-2020

DFA 2020 NLC Healing America Conference Website—check out the tracks! Only 5 More Days………DON’T MISSDr Don Berwick “The Moral Determinants of Health and DFA’s Health for All Work”Saturday, August 29 at 11 AM Eastern And also, DON’T miss Racism as a Social Determinant o…

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