Past Campaigns

Highlights of Success

Doctors for America has successfully mobilized thousands of physicians and medical students to address pressing issues affecting the health of our patients. Here are some highlights of our successes.

Physician Support for the Passage of Health Reform
We gathered practicing physicians from 50 states to DC to stand with President Obama in the Rose Garden in October, 2009 – to show Congress and the public the urgency of national health reform.  We organized hundreds of doctors and nurses to march in DC. Coverage included Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and New York Times.

Protecting Federal Funding for Prevention and Medicaid
We organized 15 organizations representing over 300,000 physicians to protect Medicaid from cuts in 2011. We also gathered signatures and stories from hundreds of physicians in support of the Public Health and Prevention Fund and the need for increased prevention funding.

Patients over Politics Bus Tour
50 doctors and patients from 17 states joined our 12-day tour from the Florida to North Carolina to educate communities and lawmakers about the ACA while doing health screenings.  Media coverage reached 60 million impressions.

Coverage is Good Medicine: Outreach and Enrollment
We trained over 1000 doctors, medical students, and other health care providers to spread the word about new ACA coverage options. We organized a 4-city bus tour in Florida that garnered widespread media coverage and helped propel the state to surpass enrollment expectations. We also organized a national provider enrollment roundtable to help 50 organizations share resources and best practices.

Docs Run and the Race for Coverage
We are setting an example for our communities by forming teams to do races – from 5K’s to marathons – in over a dozen communities across the nation while supporting the mission of Doctors for America.

Surgeon General Confirmation
Doctors for America led a year-long campaign across multiple constituencies to confirm our president and co-founder, Dr. Vivek Murthy, as the nation’s 19th Surgeon General.



Detailed Actions 2009-2012

Advocating to Protect and Strengthen the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid

Patients Over Politics Tour (August-September, 2012)
Over 50 doctors, medical students, health advocates, and patients participated in a 12-day tour in a big blue RV from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.  At 20 events in 9 cities along the way, thousands of people were educated about the facts of the Affordable Care Act.  We had dozens of media interviews and articles, radio appearances, and TV appearances.

Top Leaders in Health Policy and Politics Join the 2nd Annual National Leadership Conference (April, 2012)
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, former CMS Administrator Dr. Don Berwick, former senior advisor to the White House Dr. Zeke Emanuel, former VA Congressman Tom Perriello, master organizer Professor Marshall Ganz, ThinkProgress health care editor Igor Volsky, health policy expert Harold Pollack, and many other top leaders in health care joined doctors and medical students from around the country for two days of learning, conversation, and community building. At our Lobby Day, several members of Congress expressed interest in hosting events and town halls with physicians to talk about real solutions for our health care system's woes. 

Doctors, Medical Students, and Pets Rally at the Supreme Court and Beyond (March, 2012)
On behalf of millions whose lives will be significantly improved by the Affordable Care Act, doctors and medical students joined nurses and other health professionals and advocates at the Supreme Court during the hearings on the ACA. The press coverage garnered by Doctors for America members reached millions of people in over 40 states. One Doctors for America pet (Ellie the dog, who has health insurance!) was featured in Reuters, GQ, and many other prominent publications.

Standing up for Access to Contraception (February, 2012)
Women's access to contraception without co-pay is an important benefit provided by the Affordable Care Act - along with a myriad of other preventive services. Since the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops launched a national campaign to try to make all religiously affiliated hospitals and schools exempt from the new benefits,  over 1400 physicians and medical students - including over 100 Catholics - spoke up to Protect Women's Access to Contraception. In addition, our infographic has been viewed and shared over 150,000 times.

Making Sure the Supreme Court Hears from Doctors (January, 2012)
In preparation for the Supreme Court  hearings on the Affordable Care Act, Doctors for America filed an amicus brief in support of the importance of the individual mandate along with several other provider groups including the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Student Association, the National Hispanic Medical Association, and the National Physicians Alliance.  We also filed a brief regarding severability and the importance of the rest of the law (including primary care and comparative effectiveness research).

Physicians Weigh in on Super Committee Proposals (October-November, 2011)
In an effort spearheaded by Drs. Nilesh Kalyanaraman (DC), Ali Khan (CT), and Raag Airan (MD), we surveyed our membership on nine health care proposals in the White House recommendations for the Deficit Reduction Super Committee.  This is the first time we are aware of a physician organization bringing specific policy proposals directly to a grassroots membership to evaluate the impact on patients.  We had responses from 44 states and the District of Columbia. 

Combining the results with an understanding of the political landscape, we translated the most significant proposals (on pharmaceutical costs and protecting the prevention fund) into broad principles and launched a letter to the editor campaign.

Docs vs. Glocks Campaign (Summer, 2011)
Drs. Mona Mangat and Suzie Prabhakaran and several others spearheaded a petition of 200 physicians against the Florida law banning physicians from asking about gun ownership.  They then took that petition to state legislators and convinced State Representative Rick Kriseman to introduce a repeal bill in September, working with Florida CHAIN.  Drs. Mangat and Linda Galloway wrote a letter about it that was published in JAMA.

Innovate, Don't Amputate Campaign (June, 2011)
We brought together 15 organizations representing over 300,000 physicians and medical students around a unified letter and message about protecting Medicaid and Medicare in the debt ceiling debate. We brought leaders of these organizations to Washington, D.C. to meet with senior Administration staff and Congressional leadership of both parties, focusing particularly on preventing cuts to Medicaid in the days before the final deal was struck. In the final deal, Medicaid was spared harmful cuts.

Physicians in Ohio and Virginia worked with local advocacy organizations to deliver a petition with over 1500 physician signatures to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor’s offices and were featured in local press.  

First Annual National Leadership Conference and Lobby Day (May 23-24, 2011)
Physician and medical student leaders from across the country came together to share experiences and learn about policy and community organizing. Featured speakers included Dr. Don Berwick (Administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services), Senator Tom Daschle (former Senate majority leader and health care champion), and many other exciting speakers.  Take a look at the agenda.

Physicians' Town Hall with Governor Patrick  (May 11, 2011)
Doctors for America members in Boston spearheaded a coalition of local physician and medical student organizations that organized a town hall meeting with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Secretary of HHS JudyAnn Bigby on the Governor's new health reform proposal -- to improve the delivery system.  Over 300 people attended the event, which generated much discussion among physician attendees regarding the importance of physicians taking a leading role in transforming the health care system.

Prevention: Physician Advice for the Surgeon General (March - April, 2011)
Hundreds of physicians and medical students took a Doctors for America survey to help inform the first-ever National Prevention Strategy.  Doctors for America President Dr. Vivek Murthy, a member of the Prevention Advisory Group, presented the findings to the Surgeon General and representatives from multiple federal agencies.  Particularly, the survey showed that physicians have a strong interest in prevention and could take a stronger leadership role with more time, better-aligned compensation, and collaboration with the community.  Take a look at the survey results and individual comments.

The Case for Prevention: Defending the Prevention Fund (April, 2011)
As Congress was determining whether to repeal the Prevention Fund -- the most significant investment ever in prevention and public health -- Doctors for America sent a letter to leaders in the House of Representatives supporting the fund.  We highlighted stories told by physicians around the country -- including one whose patients could not identify a raw vegetable, much less cook it as part of a well-balanced meal.  The repeal of the fund passed in the House but has stalled in committee the Senate.  Read our letter defending the Fund, addressed to Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. 

Appointment to the President's Advisory Group on Prevention (January, 2011)
In a move to acknowledge and encourage the input and hard work of physician and medical student advocates around the country, President Obama appointed Doctors for America President Vivek Murthy to the Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health. This group plays a key role in advising the Surgeon General and the National Prevention Council in crafting and implementing a National Prevention Strategy.

Attending Stakeholder Meetings (December, 2010)
Doctors for America was invited to join stakeholder meetings with members of the administration and with top HHS officials on prevention and wellness and on delivery system reform.

Doctors Say: No on Repeal (November, 2010 - January, 2011)
Over 2000 doctors and medical students from 49 states joined together to say, "No on repeal!"  We publicly delivered the letter to Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor to tell them that doctors and medical students support the health reform law.  While House leaders vow to continue efforts to repeal or dismantle reform, we sent them a strong message that doctors and medical students will fight against any repeal efforts. The local delivery of the petition in Ohio and Virginia garnered local press.  The repeal law passed in the House and was rejected in the Senate.

Speak the Truth Campaign (October-November, 2010)
In response to rampant misinformation about reform and the confusion that our friends, patients, and communities have over health reform, we launched a membership-wide campaign where hundreds of doctors and medical students have pledged to educate their communities and colleagues about the truth about health reform. This campaign builds on the ongoing work that our members have been doing since the organization first began.

White Coats in DC: Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (October 30, 2010)
Doctors and medical students came from as far as Oklahoma, Washington state, Vermont, and Colorado to show up on the National Mall wearing our white coats and waving a Doctors for America banner and signs in support of health reform. We also handed out hundreds of fact sheets on reform to fellow rally-goers. Many people greeted us with a humbling gratitude for showing up and standing up for a better health care system. The DFA contingent was led by Idaho State Director and family physician, Tim McHugh.

Regional Membership Strategy Calls (September 2010)
As a follow up to our membership survey from the summer, led by Carol Duh, Kohar Jones, and Connie Chen, we conducted as series of regional membership calls to learn more about what fellow members experience and what key concerns and priorities should drive our ongoing efforts.  These calls contributed to the formulate of our 3-year organization strategy.

Six Months of Reform (September 23, 2010)
Six months after health reform passed, a key set of provisions went into effect. We created a video and fact sheet to help spread the word so our patients and communities can take advantage of their new protections and to celebrate the power of advocacy in making those new protections a reality. 

Launch of Progress Notes, a.k.a., the DFA Blog (September 2010)
The same week of the 6-month anniversary, Doctors for America officially launched our blog. Writers include nearly two dozen members from around the country who write on a variety of topics. Read the blog.

Drop the Suit Campaign (August-September, 2010)
Attorneys general and governors of 21 states have filed lawsuits targeting the newly passed health reform law in what has been regarded by many as political posturing and an attempt to delay the implementation of health reform for the people in those states. Doctors and medical students are pushing back through our Drop the Suit Campaign. Our efforts have gotten media attention in many places including Virginia, Indiana, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, Georgia, Washington, and Nevada. The coverage prompted Idaho Attorney General Wasden to invite our Idaho physicians to meet and discuss the matter in person. Our efforts on this are continuing.

Membership Survey (July 2010)
Our strength as an organization comes from the diverse experiences and opinions of our members in communities large and small across the country. To help guide our actions and priorities, we launched a membership survey. The findings showed that DFA members general feel that physicians and medical students do have power to change the system and that we are interested in tackling a variety of the challenges our health care system faces. We also learned that the vast majority of DFA members are practicing physicians (most of the others are medical students) and that amongst the physicians, over half have been in practice over 10 years, half are in private practice, and half are specialists. Take a look at the results.

Support for Don Berwick (July 2010)
Over 1300 doctors and medical students signed a petition in support of Don Berwick's appointment as the head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which administers the health insurance of nearly one in three Americans. Many members were also inspired to write letters to the editors of their local papers, and several were published.

House Parties for Health Reform (June 2010)
Doctors for America members gathered in places as disparate as Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, and Florida to celebrate over a year of advocacy and all the successes we've had, lessons we've learned, friendships we've formed, and work that we will continue to do.

Webinar Series: The Anatomy of Health Reform (May 2010 to present)
After reform passed, many members asked for education about the details of the final law. Over 1000 physicians and medical students have attended our popular webinar. We also have an ongoing webinar series for medical students by medical students. Additional webinars have been cohosted by the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) and the American Medical Student Assocation (AMSA). The series has been accompanied by innumberable in-person presentations that our members have given to fellow physicians, community groups, and local senior centers - including an extensive senior center tour in Maryland spearheaded by Dr. Zaneb Beams and medical student Meghana Desales.

Passing a Historic Health Reform Law: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 

Doctors for America engaged in a 14-month campaign in which physicians and medical students advocated for Congress to take advantage of a historic opportunity to pass strong health reform to address the problems that we and our patients experience every day in clinics and hospitals across America.

Representing the Membership at the President's Speech after Signing Health Reform into Law (March 23, 2010)

Doctors for America President Vivek Murthy and Executive Director Mandy K. Cohen represented 16,000 Doctors for America members at the President's speech at the Department of Interior immediately following the signing of the health reform bill into Law.

Health Providers March on Washington (March 22, 2010)

After a long health reform battle that seemed always to be on the verge of passing or failing, doctors and medical students across the country were clamoring to make a big statement and get reform done for the patients we continued to see every day.  So we partnered with provider and community advocacy organizations and marched on Washington.  Hundreds of doctors and nurses drove and flew in from around the country to participate in the largest ever health provider demonstration for reform.  We marched from the White House to the Capitol, where we held a stirring press conference and rally with several members of Congress and notable physicians.

Health Professionals March on Washington for Reform (March 22, 2010)

After a long health reform battle that seemed always to be on the verge of passing or failing, doctors and medical students across the country were clamoring to make a big statement and get reform done for the patients we continued to see every day.  So we partnered with provider and community advocacy organizations and marched on Washington.  Hundreds of doctors and nurses drove and flew in from around the country to participate in the largest ever health provider demonstration for reform.  We marched from the White House to the Capitol, where we held a stirring press conference and rally with several members of Congress and notable physicians.

A Virtual March (Launched March 20, 2010)
Over a thousand doctors and medical students participated in a virtual march to complement our physical march on Washington.  We surveyed participants and created a graphic representing all the efforts that the physicians and medical students of DFA have put into health reform.  The thousand participants made over 3000 phone calls to Congress and wrote over 8000 letters during the health reform debate.

A Push for the Final House Votes -- Day of Action (March 17, 2010)
As the final vote neared, DFA members formed teams or participated individually in a Day of Action of calling their Representatives and urging them to make health reform a reality at last.

In the East Room with the President (March 3, 2010)

Dr. Chris Lillis -- internist in Fredricksburg, Virginia and member of the Doctors for America writing team -- was selected to stand with the President in the East Room of the White House for President Obama's speech asking the House to pass the Senate version of reform and for both chambers of Congress to pass a reconciliation package.

A Push for the Final House Votes -- Local Petitions (March, 2010)
Spearheaded by local physicians in districts where members of Congress were on the fence about reform, several petitions and open letters gathered hundreds of signatures and generated many phone calls, making sure those members of Congress understood the urgency and seriousness of physician support for reform.  These letters were an important part of gathering momentum across the country and with other advocacy groups in winning some of these votes.  The letters were inspired by an effort that began in Utah in January that gathered over 500 physician signatures on a letter supporting reform and made headline news across Utah in the week before the final vote.

President's Bipartisan Summit Virtual Watch Party (February 26, 2010)
Popping in between patients or setting aside the time to watch the summit, doctors gathered for a virtual watch party online to see the President and members of Congress 

AskADoctorAboutReform.Org (Launched February, 2010)
We launched the web site to help demystify health reform for patients by having practicing doctors answer their questions on reform.

Doctors for America Places an Ad in Roll Call (February 22, 2010)
DFA members and friends funded our first advertisement, which was published in Roll Call (a Capitol Hill daily newspaper) four days before the President's Bipartisan Summit.  The message was simple: "Reform Can't Wait."

State of the Union Virtual Watch Party (January 27, 2010)
Doctors around the country joined DFA in a virtual watch party for the State of the Union, discussed the speech in a chat room, and rated the speech in real-time.  Not surprisingly, the most positive responses came when the President spoke about the necessity of finishing health reform.

Dr. Hughes Testifies before the GOP Doctor's Caucus (January 21, 2010)
Dr. Christopher Hughes -- Pittsburgh intensive care physician, health reform blogger, and DFA Pennsylvania State Director -- testified before the GOP Doctors Caucus, which was co-chaired by Congressmen Phil Gingrey and Tim Murphy and had seven members of the Caucus in attendance.  One congressman called Chris a "doctor with a big heart," and others commented that they would want Chris to "be my doctor."  His testimony and account of the event can be seen here:

Members Respond to Haiti Earthquake (January 2010) 
When the devastating Haiti earthquake happened, doctors and medical students everywhere wanted to help.  We compiled a resource center for doctors and medical students to donate and share their thoughts.  In between clinical work, classes, and advocating for health reform, several of our members and leaders have since found volunteer opportunities to travel to Haiti to provide medical relief.

Letter and Stories for Insurance Reform (January 2010)
In January, DFA members sent stories of health insurance difficulties to President Obama and to newspapers across America.  Many of these letters were published by local papers as well.

Standing with Senate Leadership (December 23, 2009)
On December 23, Doctors for America stood with Senator Reid and Senate Leaders to hail the passage of a Senate health care reform bill.

Tallying Health Reform Priorities (December 18, 2009)
In preparation for the reconciliation process and as the Senate debated the final details of their reform bill, hundreds of DFA members took a survey to rank their top health reform priorities. Access to care and insurance regulation topped the list.  This became the basis of our campaigns in the final push for reform.

Weighing in on the Nelson Amendment on Abortion (December 7, 2009)
Responding to membership concerns about the Stupak Amendment, we issued a legislative alert surrounding the Nelson Amendment in the Senate, and members called their Senators to express their views.

Advocating for the Public Option (launched November 16, 2009)
In November, Doctors for America's public option campaign pushed for more health care reform choices.  It was also our first ever joint petition with members of the community.  Particularly successful signature efforts happened in moderate and relatively conservative states like Florida, Oklahoma, and Arkansas -- giving people a way to speak up in places where supporters of reform were often intimidated from speaking out by social pressures.  The petition was presented to key Senators negotiating the final Senate bill.

Doctors Push Undecided Congressmembers (November 7, 2009)
In November, as it became clear that health reform was not a done deal in the House, Doctors for America members called Congress to make sure doctors were heard in the final hours before the vote.  In addition, dozens of members in swing districts sent petitions to their respective members of Congress -- about half of those members decided to vote yes.  In Arizona, DFA member Dr. Susan Wilde urged her Congressman to vote yes, and he called the next day to tell her he had decided to do just that.

Congressional Testimony (October 28, 2009)

On October 26, 2009, five members and leaders of Doctors for America were invited to testify on Captiol as part of a physician panel speaking about their views on the need for a public option in health reform. Below please find their prepared remarks.

Focus on Rural Health (October 28, 2009)

In response to a need expressed by DFA leaders in more rural areas, we compiled information and a flier on rural health and disseminated information to the membership.  We then gave a presentation to Congressional staff on the key issues that should be discussed about rural health when members of Congress speak with constituents about the bill.

Halting the Sustainable Growth Rate from cutting Medicare reimbursements (October 20, 2009 and November 18, 2009)
In response to the perennial concern of physicians who care for Medicare patients -- that the Congressionally-mandated cuts to Medicare reimbursements would finally actually happen (21% cut due for the year), our members called Congress alongside many professional societies that have been focusing on this issue for years.

DFA Debates with Congressman Michael Burgess (October, 2009)
DFA Executive Director, Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, debated Congressman Michael Burgess on reform at the Benjamin Rish Society in Washington, DC.

Everyday Doctors from 50 States Join President Obama at the White House Rose Garden (October 5, 2009)

On Monday, October 5, President Obama invited practicing physicians from every state to the White House Rose Garden to show the nation the importance of health reform. Why? As the President said, "You are the people who know this system best. You are the experts. Nobody has more credibility with the American people on this issue than you do." A large number of the attendees were members of Doctors for America. VWatch a video of why they made the trip to Washington.

Members' Opinions on Affordability and Accessibility (September 28, 2009)

As the Senate Finance Committee debated replacing the public option with coops, doctors spoke up about how crucial accessibility and affordability are as issues that must be addressed with the best available means -- not just the most politically expedient.  Members of DFA took a poll on whether coops were a good alternative to the public options.  They also shared stories of patients whose lives are affected by problems of accessibility and affordability.

Physician-led Town Halls (September 17, 2009)

After having health reform discussions in communities disrupted throughout August, Ohio physicians Don Nguyen and Arthur Lavin pioneered the notion of physician-led town halls in Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio respectively, which a great response from the community and media.  Other DFA leaders followed suit with townhalls in places as diverse as Oklahoma, Texas, and Massachusetts.  The success of these events led to an initiative to reach out to faith groups as well.  In addition, physicians attended countless panels, forums, and debates that were organized by other groups in communities across the country.

Supporting the Medical Home at the White House with HSS Secretary Sebelius (September 16, 2009)
Fifty Doctors for America members in the DC area took part in a press event at the White House where Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced additional funding for patient-centered medical home projects.

Contact Congress Campaign (September 2009)
In the month of September, members focused their efforts on calling members of Congress to express their support health reform.  Some also met with their members of Congress or their staff in district offices.  The campaign was kicked off by a video from Congressman Dr. Steve Kagen to his fellow doctors.

Tribute to Ted Kennedy (August 26, 2009)
After fighting for health reform for four decades, Senator Ted Kennedy passed away on August 26. In response, our members pledged their commitment to health reform.

Town Halls and Vigils for Health Reform (August 2009)
Members spoke at town halls with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (MD) and Congressmen John Larson (CT), Kendrick Meek (FL), and Loretta Sanchez (CA), and many others.  DFA also co-hosted a townhall with Representatives Eddie Bernice Johnson and Pete Sessions in Dallas, Texas.  The reasoned voice of physicians countered the unruly protests of those who would stifle debate.

At the end of the August recess, DFA members were featured speakers at MoveOn "We Can't Wait" Vigils across the country on September 1 -- including in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Baltimore, DC, Pittsburg, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans, Missoula (Montana), Boulder, and Indianapolis. LIFE magazine captured the moment for pediatrician and DFA National Field Director Alex Blum, who spoke before 1500 people in Central Park.

Education and priorities poll (August 12, 2009) 

As the reform process continued, Doctors for America members took a poll that both educated people about aspects of the bill and also help us learn more details of what sort of reforms physicians on the ground think are most important.

Countering Sermo claims that doctors all oppose the House health reform bill (July 25, 2009)
When the virtual physician community Sermo claimed that all physicians opposed H.R. 3200, the House version of health reform, nearly 2000 physicians across the country jumped up to counter that claim and to share poignant stories of why physicians do support reform.  The same week, we sent a joint letter to the Senate in support of reform alongside nearly half a million physicians of AAFP, ACP, AOA, AMSA, and NPA.

HELP Press Conference (July 16, 2009)
Doctors for America members joined a press conference with Senator Dodd and others celebrating the passage of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) committee's version of reform.

Learning advocacy skills -- Media training calls (July 9, 2009)
Recognizing a growing need for physicians to speak up in the media, DFA launched a series of free media training calls -- giving physicians the basics of how to convey and amplify our core messages on reform by using the media.  DFA members then hosted a variety of advocacy events that were noticed by the media, and members' stories and writing were featured in newspapers and on television and radio across the country.

Xray Campaign (July 8, 2009)
Doctors for America members gathered on Capitol Hill to hand-deliver a message developed on X-ray film to every Senator on behalf of all our members. 

Rallying with HCAN in Washington (June 25, 2009)
In the first major rally during the health reform process, over 10,000 people gathered in Washington DC to rally for health reform.  The rally was organized by the Health Care for America Now! coalition.  Doctors for America worked with dozens of physician and nurse groups to organize a providers town hall that featured moderators Gov Howard Dean (a physician) and health policy expert Ellen-Marie Whelan (a nurse practitioner).  DFA's Dr. Zaneb Beams also spoke at the town hall.  Several of our physicians were also featured on several news stories surrounding the event including on CNN Spanish and Bill Moyer.

Asking the Senate Not to Water Down Reform (June 25, 2009)
As we got word that Senators were considering writing reform legislation that would be far less robust than the House version, we had our first call-in day.  In one day, our doctors called 39 Senate offices to ask them not to water down proposals for health reform.

White House Physicians Stakeholder Meeting (June 18, 2009)
When four Doctors for America were invited to a White House Physicians' Stakeholder Meeting on prevention and wellness, hundreds of members contributed their ideas and stories.  Their words and all the comments we had collected to date through other campaigns were printed and delivered in binders to key members of the White House.  Take a look at the membership-wide emails that were sent surrounding the event.See the comments.

Public Option Poll in Response to AMA Wavering (Launched June 13, 2009)
1500 doctors and medical students took our poll in the first 48 hours, showing 97% support for the public option.  Paul Begala mentioned the poll on CNN.  Here are hundreds of comments and stories.  

In addition, we joined with seven other organizations totaling 215,000 physician members in releasing a joint statement supporting the public option.

Payment Reform House Meetings (early June 2009)
In early June, Doctors for America members hosted house meetings for physicians to learn about and convey their opinions on payment reform in response to questions posed by the offices of Senators Baucus and Bingaman. 

Mini Issues Educational Campaign (May-June, 2009)
We got educated about some of key issues in health reform through weekly issues campaigns that combined webcasts, policy briefs created by physicians for physicians, and membership commentary on key articles online.  Topics included health information technology, the public option, and payment reform.  Webcasts featured key policy experts Ashish Jha, Jacob Hacker and Tom Lee.  Actions included payment reform house meetings (see above) and an email to 5 million MoveOn.Org members on the public option from DFA President, Vivek Murthy.

Voices of Physicians  (Launched April 2009)
Physicians in all 50 states voiced their unedited opinions on health reform on our interactive Voices of Physicians map, a project that several other physician groups have participated in.  See the map.

Federal Budget: Committing Congress to Health Reform  (March 2009) 
Over 1800 Doctors for America members signed an open letter to Congress asking them to make health reform a priority in the federal budget. The resolution passed both houses of Congress on April 29 and included a budget-neutral health reserve fund to enact reform in 2009.

Stimulus: Supporting Key Health Measures in the Stimulus Bill  (February 2009)
In February, 2009, over 700 members and health policy experts joined together in support of threatened health care measures in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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