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 Washington, DC -- Doctors for America today issued the following statement regarding concerns over network adequacy under the Affordable Care Act.

Statement from Doctors for America Executive Director Dr. Alice Chen:

“For too long and far too often, changing insurance contracts have dictated whether you could keep seeing your doctor from year-to-year. This has been frustrating for patients and doctors alike for years. While the Affordable Care Act does not end these practices, it does put more power in the hands of patients. And most importantly, it means 30 million uninsured Americans will finally be able to get covered and have access to care through a good network of providers.

“Nothing in the law limits access to providers. In fact, the ACA clearly requires insurance companies to make certain you can see a doctor when you need one and allows you to pick any primary care doctor within your network.

“The bottom line: insurance companies are responsible for the networks of providers in their plans. Insurers are required to provide a list of their networks for the new Marketplace, which many insurance companies have not yet done. We encourage insurance companies to help Americans in this time of great change by moving quickly to publish those lists, and ensuring they meet the needs of the people they serve.”


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