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Doctors For America is actively working to mobilize our national physician membership to join the action to prevent the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Our team leaders have created an Action Toolkit to raise the physician voice in the current political debate. 

Key reasons we cannot repeal the ACA:

-Eliminate coverage for 30 million people, which is 1 in 10 Americans. This would double the number of uninsured citizens.

-Of these 30 million people, 82% will be from working families; 38% would be between ages 18-34

-Lose 3 million jobs as a result 

-Healthcare providers would lose $1.7 trillion in uncompensated care

-Women will lose access to contraception; pay higher rates for insurance overall due to their sex

-Add $350 billion to our deficit

Contacting my Senator

Use this link to find the local number and address for senators in key states, listed above 

Use this link to find other senators contact information and web pages

Make a Phone Call

Call your local Senator’s office using this call tool. Make sure to take a photo of yourself making the phone call wearing your white coat or medical uniform and post to Twitter & Facebook w #protectourpts OR #protectourcare. Make sure to tag your senator and post on their page.

Consider sharing a patient story or relevant state facts in your call. 

"My name is <name> and I am a <profession> in <city, state>. As a healthcare professional, I am opposed to repealing the ACA without an immediate replacement plan, as this will leave millions without coverage, disrupt the insurance market, and harm my ability to care for my patients. Seniors, people with disabilities, women and children would be left to fend for themselves, hard working families would lose the preventive care coverage they need, and over 50 million Americans with preexisting conditions could again be denied healthcare by their insurance companies. Those with mental or behavioral health issues or receiving opioid treatment will be left behind. Lives are at stake and I will hold my Senator accountable. I urge Senator <name> to vote 'No' on repeal."


Write Op-Ed's

Write an Op-Ed in your local paper outlining the negative outcomes of ACA repeal. Here is a helpful starting point with state-specific stats to emphasize the job losses, health care costs, and suffering that will result from repeal. Highlighting state-specific issues will be helpful at all, including opioid treatment gaps, mental health and behavioral health, women's health/access to reproductive care options, among many others. 

Op-Ed Template 

State-Specific Statistics on the impact of ACA repeal

Voters in Key States Overwhelmingly Oppose Repeal Without Replacement 

Medicaid State Fact Sheets

GOP False Promises Primer: How Affordable Care Act Replacement Proposals Fall Short


Visit your Senator’s office

Feel free to call the office in advance to schedule a meeting with a legislative aide or feel free to drop-in and ask if you can speak to an aide. 

When you go:

  1. Wear your white coat or other “medical uniform”

  2. Tell who you are & about patients you serve who are their constituents, include 1 or two quick patient stories

  3. Print out and leave behind the information sheet you brought. Highlight key data. Ask if they have key health care interests or questions, offer follow-up info if you don't have answer at hand. 

  4. Make Ask: “Will you (or your boss if w/ an aide) commit to no ACA repeal without guaranteed equal or better replacement?” If aide doesn't know or won't commit, ask for a follow up call or meeting. 

  5. Take a photo.  Upload to Twitter & Facebook w #protectourpts OR #protectourcare. Make sure to tag your senator and post on their page.

Leave Behind Sheets

Leave these fact sheets behind when visiting your Senator’s office.

House Calls for Senators Fact Sheet

State by state fact sheets: Impact of Affordable Care Act Repeal

Specific Issues:


-ACA repeal will increase opioid treatment gap by more than 50%

-4 million people with addiction or serious mental disorders will be left without coverage

-$5.5 billion per year for opioid and mental health treatment will be lost 

Read more about the Harvard Medical School-NYU study with specific key state impacts (press release)

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